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Insert Symbol Dialog Box
The Insert Symbol dialog box displays when you make the following selections:
Selecting Insert > Symbol in the Generated Text Editor for an element or for a header, footer or cross reference object, in order to insert symbols (glyphs) in generated text
Selecting the Insert > Symbol menu option in the Generated Text Editor for the page number format of a page set
Selecting the Character button in the Bullet dialog box, in order to specify bullet characters for lists
The Symbols dialog box contains the following controls (note that the Character Entities tab is always disabled):
Font - Lists the fonts available on your workstation. When a font is selected, all of the symbols available in that font are displayed in the character list.
Subset - Lists the Unicode subsets for which the selected font contains symbols. If a selected font does not contain Unicode subsets, this list is not displayed. When a subset is selected, the cursor moves in the Character list to highlight the first symbol in that subset. If you select a symbol in the character list, the Subset list shows the subset that contains the selected symbol.
Character list - Lists the symbols available in the selected font. When a symbol is selected in the list, the symbol's Character code and description are displayed at the bottom of the dialog box.
Recently Used Symbols - Lists the most recently inserted symbols from the current session.
Character Code - The hexadecimal character code and description of the selected symbol.
OK/Insert - If you are selecting a symbol to use as a bullet, choosing OK selects the specified symbol and closes the dialog box.
If you are inserting a symbol in the Generated Text Editor, choosing Insert adds the selected symbol to your generated text and appends it to the list of symbols available from the Insert Symbol toolbar button.