About Arbortext Styler > Cross References and Other Links > SFEs to Support Linking > _sfe:ExternalLink
This generated text tag represents an external link. It is listed with other SFEs in the Elements list. It is styled as a Link and contains the web target attribute href. Whilst you are not permitted change the style or the style details for the element, you can change its formatting properties if you wish. When inserted into generated text via the generated text editor to create a link, the element contains two children, each of which may have content. The markup shown below is inserted by Arbortext Styler:
_gte:LinkTarget should define the target of the link. xxx can be any combination of attribute content, element content, an XPath expression or authored text. This tag is expected to have content - you will not be permitted to exit the Generated Text Editor if you attempt to save this tag without content, or with just whitespace.
_gte:LinkContent should define the clickable text that will appear in the final document. yyy can be any content. The content defined for this element will be styled in the final document according to the style properties of _sfe:ExternalLink