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Unused Definitions Dialog Box
The Unused Definitions dialog box opens when you choose the Tools > List Unused Definitions menu option. It displays a list of those objects that are available for use but which have not yet been used or referenced in the current stylesheet.
As well as the list of unused definitions, the window also contains a number of controls via which you can navigate and update the list:
Go To - opens the list tab that contains the object selected in the Unused Definitions list and places cursor focus on the object in that list to allow you to edit it, or delete it if you wish to tidy up your stylesheet. The object cannot be deleted from within the dialog box.
Display - opens the list tab that contains the object selected in the Unused Definitions list and displays it in the list. Cursor focus remains on the entry in the Unused Definitions list. With this option you can elect to find subsequent results from the list without having to continually return to the results list.
Refresh - updates the Unused Definitions list by rerunning the original search and adding new objects whose use has been removed, and removing those objects that have been referenced somewhere in the stylesheet.
The note at the bottom of the dialog box advises you to take care when deleting a definition if there is a chance it could appear in a module that is referenced by another stylesheet. In this case the object may appear in the list since it is not used by, or referenced from, the current stylesheet.
For element definitions, unused User Formatting Elements (UFE) are shown in the Unused Definitions window, whereas unused Styler Formatting Elements (SFE) are not. SFEs should never be deleted and as such are not displayed in this list. UFEs, however, are displayed if they are not referenced and there are no instances of the UFE in any gentext.
Column display for this dialog box follows the same rules as that for the Find Where Used Results Window