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Headers and Footers Overview
The process by which to add headers and/or footers to your document has three principal steps:
1. Create Page Region objects for each type or format of header or footer you may wish to reference in your document.
Identify the page regions as headers or footers by defining their position on the page in the Position category for the Page Regions list.
Add any text content, graphics, numbering, fills or other information to each object as required
2. Reference the page region(s) from a page type to create a page layout.
3. Reference the page type that includes the required header and/or footer from the relevant page set.
From within a page set you specify the page type (layout) that should be used for documents with single- or double-sided pages. You can also configure different page types to be used at certain positions within the final document, for example a page layout for the first page that differs from the rest of the pages in the page set, or a page type that defines regions containing no content for blank pages.