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Specifying Cross Reference Formatting Based on Attribute Values
To specify the formatting that should be applied to a cross reference when the author sets the value of the role attribute on the xref element:
1. In Arbortext Styler, select the xref element in the Elements list, then choose Insert > Condition.
2. Click New Attribute Test in the New Condition dialog box to open the Attribute Test dialog box.
3. Select role as the Attribute Name, and then select the Comparison option.
4. Choose = as the Comparison operator, and type number in the Comparison text box
5. Click OK, and then click OK to exit the Condition dialog box.
6. In the Elements list, select the condition you just created and navigate to the Generated text category.
7. Click Edit to the right of the After-text field.
8. In the Generated Text Editor, click to the right of the Cross Reference element, and then choose Edit > Modify Attributes.
9. Choose Number as the Reference format, and linkend as the Reference attribute.
10. Click OK.
11. Choose File > Apply and Close to exit the Generated Text Editor.
12. In Arbortext Editor, choose File > Print Preview.
In the Print Preview window, note that the xref with the role=”number” attribute demonstrates the cross reference: Refer to 1 for more information. because it's using generated text configured for the condition if attribute “role”=“number”.