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Export CSS Information
You may choose to export CSS information from a stylesheet as a separate action from publishing. You may then use this new CSS file to style existing HTML or XHTML files.
1. Refer to the HTML tab of the Stylesheet Properties dialog box.
2. For any of your HTML outputs, set the value of the Create CSS rules for field to the required value. If you wish to share styling across documents based on different document types, set the field to Property sets.
See Styling HTML Files from Different Document Types for more information on sharing styling information across HTML files.
3. Save the changes you made.
4. Choose the File > Export CSS menu option and select the required HTML output format.
5. In the Export CSS dialog box that appears, enter the location to which the CSS file should be saved, and the name and title of the file.
6. Click OK to export the file.
The following properties affect the transformation from XML to HTML or XHTML, or the chunking of the (X)HTML. They cannot be changed by exporting a new CSS file after the (X)HTML files have been published.
Structure type (Block or Inline)
Preformatted alignment (all other changes in the Alignment field are permitted)
All properties in the HTML chunking category
All properties in the Generated text category
All properties in the Footnote category