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Generate CSS rules based on property sets
CSS information generated for property sets can be shared between HTML files that are based on different document types. Refer to Styling HTML Files from Different Document Types for further information.
1. Refer to the HTML tab of the Stylesheet Properties dialog box.
2. For any of your HTML outputs, set the value of the Create CSS rules for field to Property sets.
3. Publish your document to the required HTML output as usual.
If you examine the source HTML output, you will see that the description of a context or condition that references a property set in the stylesheet also contains a reference to that property set in the HTML output. The CSS information for your HTML output contains the details of the property set.
Property settings made explicitly to contexts and conditions are not reflected in any HTML or CSS output when Create CSS rules for is set to Property sets. Use the Tools > List HTML/CSS Defects menu option to list properties of this type. A stylesheet validation action will also warn you if any such explicit property settings exist.