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Property Sets List
A list of property sets configured for the stylesheet. This list displays when you choose View > List View > Property Sets
When this list is active, the Insert Property Set button The Insert Property Set icon - a small black A in the top left corner, and a large blue A with a yellow asterisk to its left in the bottom right corner appears in the Standard toolbar, allowing you to create a new property set in the list.
To list the uses of a property set in the stylesheet, use the Find Where Used option.
Use the categories in the Properties area of the view to set the properties for the property sets in this list:
Text properties: see Text Category
Indent settings: see Indent Category
Spacing properties: see Spacing Category
Breaks: see Breaks Category (includes Keeps and HTML chunking sub-categories)
Generated text: see Generated Text Category
Property sets: see Property Sets Category
Footnotes: see Footnote Category
Side by Side properties: see Side by Side Category
HTML/PDF tags: see PDF tags Category
RTF properties: see RTF Category
Graphic properties: see Graphic Category
To list the occurrences of a property that has been explicitly set, use the Find Explicit Properties option.