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Elements List
A list that can contain the following elements, and any contexts or conditions applied to those elements:
Stylesheet elements, with their associated contexts and conditions.
Styler Formatting Elements (SFE): formatting elements configured by Arbortext Styler that start with the _sfe: namespace prefix. These elements appear in the list when the View > Styler Formatting Elements option is enabled.
User Formatting Elements (UFE): user-configured formatting elements that start with the _ufe: namespace prefix. These elements appear in the list when the View > User Formatting Elements option is enabled.
This list appears when you choose View > List View > Elements or click on the Elements tab. Move single contexts or conditions up or down, or increase or decrease their nesting level, using the arrows in the Elements toolbar. Sort the elements by clicking on any of the column headings.
When this list is active, the Insert Element button The Insert Element icon - the yellow element icon with a yellow asterisk to its right appears in the Standard toolbar, allowing you to create a new element in the list. Insert ContextThe Insert Context icon - a yellow element icon with a yellow asterisk to its right, connected to another yellow element icon by a black line and Insert ConditionThe Insert Condition icon - the yellow element icon overlaid by an A in a circle with an attached diagonal line, with a yellow asterisk to the right buttons appear in the Elements toolbar.
To list the uses of an element, context, or condition in the stylesheet, use the Find Where Used option.
Use the categories in the Properties area of the view to set properties for the elements, contexts or conditions in this list:
Text properties: see Text Category
Indent settings: see Indent Category
Spacing properties: see Spacing Category
Breaks: see Breaks Category (includes Keeps and HTML chunking sub-categories)
Generated text: see Generated Text Category
Property sets: see Property Sets Category
Footnotes: see Footnote Category
Side by Side properties: see Side by Side Category
HTML/PDF tags: see PDF tags Category
RTF properties: see RTF Category
Graphic properties: see Graphic Category
To list the occurrences of a property that has been explicitly set, use the Find Explicit Properties option.
When selecting elements, contexts or conditions from this list, the following general rules apply:
You are permitted to select multiple elements.
If you select an element, all the contexts of that element are automatically selected too.
Other than the instances described above, you are not permitted to select objects that appear at different levels in the list:
You cannot select an element plus a context of another element
You cannot select a context and a condition
You cannot select a condition and a nested condition
Some operations operate solely on the selected object, whilst other have an effect on the selected object and its children. For example:
If you select a context, its conditions are not automatically highlighted. But if you then elect to cut or copy the selected context the cut or copy action will include the conditions.
If you select a parent condition in a group of nested conditions, its child conditions are not automatically selected but a subsequent cut or copy action will include the children.