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Configure Columns Dialog Box
The Configure Columns dialog box opens when you carry out one of the following actions in the Arbortext Styler UI:
Choose the View > Configure Columns menu option.
Right click on the list view column headers and then select Configure Columns from the shortcut menu.
Use this dialog box to set the display of your columns in the object list view. The dialog box includes the following options:
Show, Hide, and Reorder Columns - shows the columns available in the Arbortext Styler interface and the order in which they are set to display from left to right. Check the box next to the column name to activate it for display in the list view.
Up and down arrows - click the arrows to move the selected column in the view order. Note that the view order runs from left to right so, for example, moving a column upwards in the list will move it to the left in the actual list view display.
Not all columns will be visible for all lists, even if you activate all columns for display in this dialog box. The table below shows the columns that are available for each list:
There is just one set of preferences for all list views. Adjusting these settings for a given list view actually affects all of them.
Columns in UI for each List View
RTF Style/Field
Precedence Category
Source Edits
Property Sets
Page Sets
Page Types
Page Regions
Generated Contents
Tables of Contents
Custom Tables
Cross References
Combined Fonts