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Find Where Used Dialog Box
This dialog box opens when you choose Edit > Find Where Used in Arbortext Styler. It can also be invoked with the CTRL+F keyboard shortcut. Use this dialog box to select the object whose uses in the current stylesheet you wish to list.
The Find Where Used dialog box contains the following options:
Find what - a field in which you can select some options that will assist you in identifying the object:
Category - a drop down list from which you can select the type of object for which Arbortext Styler should search.
Name - a combo box that displays all objects in the stylesheet that are of the type you selected in the Category field. You may also enter a name of your choice if you wish to list the occurrences of an undefined reference.
List results in - confirm if the results should be shown in a single or in multiple windows.
Most recent results window: list the results of this search in the same window
Open a new results window: list the results of this search in a new window.
Clicking Find once you have made a selection will open the Find Where Used Results dialog box, which displays a list of the uses of the selected object in the current stylesheet.