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Diagnostic Information Types
The specific debug settings listed below will each output a particular type of diagnostic information, when included as the diagnostic type parameter of the set debug command:
10.25 - context/e-i-c matching
10.26 - condition/att matching
10.27 - generated text processing
5.27 - partial generated text processing
11.10 - evaluation of XPath expressions (APP only)
To produce diagnostic data for all of these functional areas, write the diagnostic types as a range, i.e. set debug=10.25-27,=filename.
To request only certain types of data in the output, which are not necessarily consecutive in number order, separate the entries with a comma. For example, the command set debug=10.25,10.27,=filename will output context matching and generated text processing speeds.
If you have narrowed down the problem to a specific functional area and are trying out fixes, you can reduce the number of lines of diagnostic output to a single type by using a specific debug setting. For example, the command set debug=10.27,=filename will output data relating to the processing of generated text only.