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Overview of Preview and Publishing
The majority of preview and publishing actions for your document are instigated via Arbortext Editor or Arbortext Publishing Engine:
Print preview — see Previewing a document for further information
Print — see Printing for further information
Publish the final document in the required format:
EPUB — see Publishing a document for EPUB for further information
HTML File — see Publishing a document as an HTML file for further information
HTML Help — see Publishing a document for HTML Help for further information
PDF — see Publishing a document as a PDF File for further information
Web — see Publishing a document for the Web for further information
using XSL — see Publishing a document using XSL for further information
Arbortext Styler supports the publishing process by providing the following options:
Creation of a stylesheet that supports each format to which the document may be published:
Arbortext Editor
HTML — HTML File, EPUB, HTML Help, and Web
You have options to generate HTML, XHTML, HTML5, or XHTML5 formats.
Once created, the Arbortext Styler stylesheet can be exported from Arbortext Styler to FOSI or XSL formats, or saved as a PTC Arbortext Layout Developer (PTC ALD) template, a .3f file. The exported stylesheet/template can then be associated with a document and used as the default stylesheet for publish actions in Arbortext Editor. .3f files can be used in standalone PTC ALD applications to form the basis of new documents.
XSL stylesheets exported from Arbortext Styler do not conform strictly to the XSL specification. They are designed be supported in other PTC applications such as Arbortext Publishing Engine. PTC cannot guarantee that they will work in other XSL-FO applications and do not support this use case.
Preview of the output of your document before publishing, in any of the available formats
The integration of PTC Arbortext Layout Developer into Arbortext Styler enhances the options with which functionality can be appended to a basic stylesheet in Arbortext Styler. See PTC Arbortext Layout Developer in Arbortext Styler for further information.
The FOSI and XSL-FO print engines are on sustained support and do not receive enhancements or maintenance fixes. PTC ALD is the recommended engine for print/PDF output.
For information on how to set the print engine for your environment, see Logic for Print/Preview Engine Selection.