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Incompatible Document Types for Stylesheet Dialog Box
The Incompatible Document Types for Stylesheet dialog box displays to indicate an error when you attempt to open the same .style stylesheet to style multiple documents of different document types in the same Arbortext Styler session. The error will occur if any of the following conditions has not been met in all the documents:
Their document type configuration files (.dcf files) have the same values for the following attributes of the Options element:
idAttribute - the name of the attribute that is treated as an ID attribute
See Document Type Configuration Files for further information about document type configuration files.
Their case sensitivity setting is the same
If any of the conditions are not met, this dialog box contains an error message that advises you that the stylesheets are incompatible for sharing, followed by a confirmation of the condition in which there is an anomaly. Make the necessary changes in the .dcf file for the document type that is causing the error.
For further information on working with document types, please refer to Elements and Document Types.