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Managing PTC ALD in your Arbortext Styler Environment
The PTC ALD print engine and associated support files are built into the Arbortext Styler install tree. The installation of a full Arbortext Editor with Styler environment will include as a default a subset of the Unicode version of PTC Arbortext Layout Developer— Desktop, providing the PTC ALD print engine and the capability to generate PTC ALD source code for a Arbortext Styler stylesheet. Note that no PTC ALD interface is included. Further information regarding the installation of PTC ALD is given in the list below:
1. A prerequisite for a successful PTC ALD / Arbortext Styler integration is the availability of an applicable version of Perl. The Perl library perl58.dll is packaged with a PTC Arbortext installation that includes PTC ALD, in the location Arbortext-path/app/perl/bin (or Arbortext-path/app/perl64/bin if you are working with a 64-bit installation). If you wish to specify the location of an alternative Perl installation to support PTC ALD, set the environment variable APTAPPPERL as required (see APTAPPPERL for further information)
2. PTC ALD files are built into the app directory of your Arbortext Styler install tree, in the location Arbortext-path/app. The directory contains the required DLL, system, and library files to run PTC ALD from within Arbortext Styler. Note that the inclusion of an integrated PTC ALD version with Arbortext Styler will not affect any standalone PTC Arbortext Layout Developer installation that currently exists on your system.
3. PTC ALD files are not installed if you elect to install Arbortext Editor alone.