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Understanding How Arbortext Styler Determines Property Values
There are several ways in which properties can be assigned to elements, contexts, conditions and property sets in Arbortext Styler - some of which take precedence over others depending on the position in which they are applied or the circumstances in which they are read. By understanding the precedence that a certain instance of a property value can take over another, you will be able to tailor your stylesheets, modules and property sets to meet any individual output or formatting requirement.
The processing of a document takes place in two main strands:
Processing order: the order in which Arbortext Editor matches and processes the elements, contexts and conditions it encounters in the document. See Processing Order During Publishing for further information.
Processing order in Arbortext Styler: the order in which properties associated with each one of the objects described above are applied, and the priority given to conflicting properties associated via different means or for different output methods. See Processing Order in Arbortext Styler for further information.