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Insert Index Dialog Box
This dialog box displays when you select Insert > Index in the Generated Text Editor for an element. It allows you insert an index in generated text.
The Insert Index dialog box contains the following options:
Language - Defines the language by which to sort the index.
The environment variable APTIXLANG has no effect when a .style file is in use. The language must be set in the .style file. See the Arbortext Editor online help for more information on APTIXLANG.
Advanced Parameters - Allows you to enter parameters that can be passed for processing for a FOSI-based index (and, since it also uses FOSI processing methods, an index based on XSL-FO code). The parameters should be entered using the same syntax and semantics as those used in the equivalent useparam attribute of usetext in a FOSI document, in Arbortext Editor.
This option is not available for documents created via an PTC ALD template.