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EPUB Output
Area in UI
Tables of Contents list
When generating TOCs with the Use for chunked HTML outputs (EPUB, HTML Help, and Web) option, only titles at levels 1–3 in the document hierarchy will be included.
Indexes list
Indexes are not supported in EPUB output.
Side by side category
Side by side formatting does not work reliably for EPUB output.
Arbortext’s EPUB output conforms to the EPUB Standard Version 2. Different e-reader applications have varying levels of support for this standard and you may see differences between output viewed in Calibre e-reader during publishing and your selected reader. Ensure that you have tested output in your various required readers to confirm the appearance is satisfactory. If there are unexpected anomalies, use the View EPUB option in the Publish to EPUB dialog box to confirm the appearance is correct in the Calibre e-reader.