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All FOSI Outputs (Arbortext Editor and Print/PDF)
The FOSI and XSL-FO print engines are on sustained support and do not receive enhancements or maintenance fixes. PTC ALD is the recommended engine for print/PDF output.
For information on how to set the print engine for your environment, see Logic for Print/Preview Engine Selection.
Area in UI
Generated text category
The resolution of XPath expressions in generated text (see the Insert Element Content dialog box, for example) is unpredictable if the given start point for the expression is an element in generated text. To avoid this, ensure that the navigation starts from an element in the document itself.
The Start At feature for numbering does not apply for elements that occur in generated text, for example UFEs used for generated titles, when the Start At value is not fixed and is not specified by an attribute on the numbered element itself. For example, you cannot use the number from an attribute of an ancestor.
Elements list
FOSI edited source for contexts and conditions will contain resolved property settings from output properties in any referenced property sets.
Changes to property set output properties are not reflected in existing FOSI edited source of elements and contexts that reference the changed property set.
Property Sets list
FOSI property set edited source does not include output properties.
Generated Contents list
Scoped page numbering using the Final Page Number option in the Generated Text Editor may not format correctly in FOSI print output based on double sided page output, where there can be blank pages at the end of a division.