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The following styles of list and title numbering are not supported in all XSL outputs (including RTF) - numbering assigned these styles will be displayed in the decimal style:
circled decimal
A limitation of the XSLT processor means that numbers greater than 9 are displayed incorrectly in the simplified-chinese-informal language.
Instead of the correct counting algorithm, these numbers are made up of consecutive single digits. For example, where 10 should be displayed as 十, the processor uses 1 followed by 0 to make up the number, i.e. 一〇. 11 should be shown as 十一 (10+1), where it is actually made up of 1 followed by 1, i.e. 一一.
Graphics in generated text generally will not be found in directories specified via %B in the graphics path.
Generated text associated with structural table elements is ignored for XSL outputs.
For example, generated text will not appear if it is configured directly for the entry context. You must insert a non-table element within the entry context and configure the generated text for that context, for example p in entry.
Generated text configured for a property set will be resolved to the contexts/conditions that reference the property set when the stylesheet is exported.