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Publishing Footnotes and Endnotes in RTF Files
Arbortext Import/Export supports the publishing of footnotes. However, be aware the publishing of tables and lists inside a footnote body are not supported.
The published footnotes are dynamic in Word as auto-numbered footnotes, but endnotes are not fully supported. Publishing footnotes requires no extra work when compared to other outputs, such as PDF, but, if desired, the footnote body can be mapped to a paragraph style, such as the Word built-in style Footnote Text. The Word built-in style Footnote reference is not supported on the footnote superscript numerals, but their formatting and functionality is the same as one would expect in Word.
The user can create endnotes, as described in Endnotes Overview, but the insertion, deletion, or autonumbering of endnotes will not use the Word endnote object model as is typically created using the Word user interface. The result is hard-coded numbering which is not conducive to round-tripping or editing in Word.