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fRuleLine interface
This object contains a set of default rule line definitions, as specified in the standard "slinesuk.3ad" system file.
LineDefinitions enumeration
A set of default rule line definitions, as contained in the "slinesuk.3ad" system file. Any other custom or user-defined line definitions are still available to be used, but should be accessed directly by name.
The LineDefinitions enumeration has the following constants of type DOMString.
LINE_SOLID = "__li_solid"
Solid line
LINE_SHORTDASH = "_li_shortdashes"
Short dashes
LINE_SHORTDASH2 = "_li_shortdashes2"
Short dashes 2
LINE_LONGDASH = "_li_longdashes"
Long dashes
LINE_LONGDASHDOT = "_li_dashdot"
Long dash, Dot
LINE_DOT = "_li_dotted"
LINE_LONGSHORT = "_li_longshort"
Long dash, Short dash
LINE_DASHDOTDOT = "_li_dashdotdot"
Dash dot dot
LINE_DASHDASHDOT = "_li_dashdashdot"
Dash dash dot
LINE_FORWARDSLASH = "_li_slashes1"
Forward slashes
LINE_BACKSLASH = "_li_slashes2"
Back slashes
LINE_VERTICALBAR = "_li_slashes3"
Vertical bar
LINE_SMOOTHWAVE = "_li_wavy"
Smooth wave
LINE_JAGGEDWAVE = "_li_jagged"
Jagged wave
LINE_SQUAREWAVE1 = "_li_square1"
Square wave 1
LINE_SQUAREWAVE2 = "_li_square2"
Square wave 2
LINE_LINK = "_li_link"
LINE_DIAMOND = "_li_diamond"
LINE_BACKCHEVRON = "_li_chevrons1"
Backward chevrons
LINE_FORWARDCHEVRON = "_li_chevrons2"
Forward chevrons
LINE_SHORTDASHDOT = "_li_shortdashdot"
Short Dash, Dot
LINE_DOUBLESOLID = "_li_double_solid"
Double Solid
LINE_DOUBLESOLID2 = "_li_double_solid2"
Double Solid 2
LINE_DOUBLEJAGGEDWAVE = "_li_double_jagged"
Double Jagged Wave
LINE_CURVYWAVE = "_li_curvy_wave"
Curvy Wave
LINE_DOUBLECURVYWAVE = "_li_double_curvy_wave"
Double Curvy Wave