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Page Region Source Edits
Page Region Source
The page region is created when the page type function creates the page type layer. The function responsible for creating the frame is exposed to the user as page region source, although the actual function that creates the frame is hidden. The page region function receives arguments, for example the pageInfo which was created in the page set. The arguments are assigned to variables at the top of the function.
A new anonymous frame is created on the page type layer. It is not necessary to create a named frame. This frame is used throughout this function.
A new object, frameInfo, is created from the page region dimension and location properties set for the page region in the Arbortext Styler UI. This is passed to another function, along with the pageInfo and the frame created earlier. This function uses the frame size settings and the pageInfo information to create the frame in the right place and at the right size, based on the relative or absolute values provided. Source edits can use the function called by template.content.functions._app.PositionFrame(); to position other frames created by source edits, as long as appropriate frame and frameInfo objects are created.
Further properties, including border rules, are subsequently set on the frame. You can edit these properties to make further changes to the frame which gets created.