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Applying Text Style to Other Formatting Objects
The previous section describes how to make changes to the current style. This section describes how to set the current style on the other formatting structures of blocks, paragraphs, and tables.
There are two ways in which the current style can be set for structures. With both methods you can set style properties on a structure, which are applied when the structure starts:
Applying a style object (fStyle) to a structure when it is created
The fFormatting object provides methods that start new instances of a particular structure, for example fFormatting.paragraphStart(). The methods support two parameters — an object representing the new structure, for example fParagraph, and an fStyle object. The fStyle object applied in this manner sets the styling for the paragraph created.
For example:
var s = new fStyle;
s.height = "14pt";
s.font = "Arial";
s.color = "green";

var p = new fParagraph;

formatting.startParagraph(p, s);
The paragraph starts with the style properties as defined.
Providing a defaultStyle property for block, block row, table row, and stream objects