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As with most other languages and applications, PTC Arbortext Layout Developer has its own set of terminology:
A mark-up structure enclosed within angled brackets. This term is always used when working with markup in PTC Arbortext Layout Developer to avoid confusion with the word tag, which has a very specific meaning in PTC Arbortext Layout Developer.
An PTC Arbortext Layout Developer content object used to hold different types of document information. PTC Arbortext Layout Developer has many different tag types, and they each have a different purpose. Understanding PTC Arbortext Layout Developer’s tags and their uses is fundamental to understanding the product. Refer to Tags for further information.
This term has two meanings in PTC Arbortext Layout Developer:
A type of PTC Arbortext Layout Developer tag
An inline item used to create running headers, footnotes, and indexes
The second type is relevant to the integration of PTC Arbortext Layout Developer in Arbortext Styler.
A page-level content holder. Frames are rectangular boxes which hold text and graphics and are referred to as page regions in the Arbortext Styler interface. Frames are the basic building blocks of pages and have several properties which govern their appearance and behavior. Refer to Frames for further information.
A layer is a page-level component used to group a number of frames together. Refer to Page Layers and Layer Groups for information.
In PTC Arbortext Layout Developer, a script is used to describe any code tag, whether it is written in JavaScript, macros, showstrings, or processing instructions.
Macros, showstrings, and processing instructions in this context are proprietary PTC Arbortext Layout Developer code forms.
Scripts are used to drive the automation process and manage conditional formatting.
Formatting Object Model (FOM)
The Formatting Object Model (FOM) is PTC Arbortext Layout Developer’s JavaScript API. It describes the main components of an PTC Arbortext Layout Developer template and the main parts of the formatting process.