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High Performance PLM: Research Findings and Analysis

Building a Foundation for PLM Success: Preparing for Change (PDF)

The importance of early communication to build awareness of why change matters

Strategic PLM Implementation: The Value of Out-of-the-Box Software (PDF)

Understanding resistance to out-of-the-box and how to overcome it

How a Strategic, Big-Picture Approach to PLM Pays Off (PDF)

Case study on the long-term value of shifting from tactical IT to strategic business approach

Business Vision vs. IT Reality: A Balanced Approach to PLM Transformation (video – 5:01)

Case study on the challenge of balancing process transformation with off-the-shelf software

Executive Sponsorship: the Cornerstone of Transformation (PDF)

Case study on the importance of effective sponsorship, and how to do it right

Executive Sponsorship: The Cornerstone of Transformation (video - 5:06)

Case study on the importance of effective sponsorship, and how to do it right

Who Does What: Defining Roles in Multi-Partner Transformations (video - 6:02)

Case study on the risks of conflict and how best to define roles and responsibilities

Shortcuts to User Adoption? Understanding Adoption Costs and Risks (video – 3:25)

Case study on the dangers of cutting investments in training and adoption for new PLM solutions

Introduction to the Research (video - 2:47)

Highlights from survey of 190 manufacturing leaders on PLM strategy, implementation, and results

Business and Operational Objectives (video - 3:06)

What are manufacturers trying to accomplish with PLM?

Keys to Business Impact (video - 3:29)

Four keys to high performance with PLM

Strategy and Planning (video - 2:18)

Best practices in program strategy, planning, and alignment

Learning and Adoption (video - 2:58)

Best practices to ensure adoption of new solutions

High Performance PLM (eBook - PDF)

Data and key findings from the research

Managing Process Improvement for PLM

Top companies most likely to improve processes and software concurrently.

Four Keys to Outstanding Business Results

Research summary of key success factors for high performance

Slowing Down to Speed Up

Six steps to effective PLM planning

Broader Scope PLM Yields Greater Business Value

Tech-Clarity on the value of extending PLM across the organization

PLM Advocacy: What Executive Buy-In Really Means

Cynthia Ridley on why executive sponsorship is not enough

Aligning Your Organization for PLM Success

Aligning stakeholders on business metrics and detailed roadmaps

Four Keys to Ensuring PLM Adoption

How high performers ensure organization-wide adoption