Customer Satisfaction

Dear Valued Customer:
As part of our on-going commitment to customer success, PTC strives to continuously improve processes to ensure that we deliver products, services and technical support that are of the highest quality. To help us achieve our goal we have implemented a number of surveys and feedback mechanisms through which we can assess, measure, and drive quality improvements. We look forward to enhanced relationships with our customers as the initiatives we implement make it easier to do business with PTC.
Mark Hodges, Customer Officer, PTC

Customer Care

Independent Project Quality Assessment (IPQA)
The Independent Project Quality Assessment (IPQA) is an interview-based assessment of PTC sales, services, and product quality. The assessment is focused on the customer’s Project Manager, and the interview is conducted once the implementation is complete. PTC uses the results of the IPQA to understand the customer's satisfaction with a completed project. Results are investigated in root cause meetings, which in turn drive corrective actions to improve project quality going forward.

Customer Satisfaction Survey
The Customer Satisfaction Survey is designed to measure end-user satisfaction with PTC products and technical support services. Twenty-five percent of PTC customers are invited to complete the survey each quarter via Satmetrix, our online survey partner. The results of this survey are used to drive improvement initiatives in product development and all our customer facing organizations.

Transactional Survey
The Transactional Survey measures the experience of the end-user interaction with Technical Support through their technical requests. The 20% response rate shows how important this mechanism is for our customer to provide feedback on their recent experience. Transactional Surveys provide data which can be linked to operational metrics to drive process improvement of our ISO 9000 Certified TS organization.

People are noticing the changes

Press Release, February 20, 2008:

PTC Achieves Top Ten Ranking in Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Council Customer Affinity Index
Successful execution of customer-centric business practices drives new measure of marketing effectiveness

Customer Quotes:

  • "Judging by the presentations made to the PTC/USER Board, PTC is working on the 'right' issues -- the ones that matter most to customers. Software quality, customer satisfaction, and interoperability of its products are just a few of the areas where PTC appears to be making progress. Much work remains but the trend is positive."
  • "It seems that PTC is making sincere and concerted efforts to solve customer complaints and to move to a truly customer-centric model for running its business. For those of us who rely on PTC technology, this is a welcome change and we can only encourage its continuance."