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PTC Academic Program for Schools – Getting Started

>> PTC Schools Home Page

Step 1: Learn more

About PTC

Find out more about PTC the company and see how we are one of the world's largest and fastest-growing technology companies.

PTC Academic Program

Find out more information about the PTC Academic Program and why we believe in empowering a new generation of STEM professionals.

Real World STEM

Our education focuses on the product development process from which students learn about how products are made from early concept design to servicing products in the market.

Classroom Examples

Many of our users showcase their classroom work. See examples of what schools create using PTC solutions.

Step 2: Get PTC Schools Resources


PTC develops free downloadable and online curriculum aimed at teaching students how to use modern STEM tools and techniques.

PTC Creo

PTC Creo is software used to create 3D digital models, apply math and science concepts, and unlock student innovation.

PTC Mathcad

PTC Mathcad is a mathematics tools used by STEM professionals to create dynamic calculation worksheets, lab reports, and document engineering solutions.

Online Learning

PTC provides a variety of online training through downloadable content, tips and tricks videos, and learning management system content. Discover what is available today!

Step 3: Collaborate with PTC Schools Community

PTC Community

PTC Community is an online environment for connecting and collaborating with educators and professionals who use PTC solutions.

Social Media

The PTC Academic Program views social media as a vital way to connect and collaborate with educators and students. Follow us on Twitter and see what’s new on Facebook.

Design Competitions

Get involved in exciting STEM programs! These competitions are great for engaging students in STEM, using professional engineering software, and collaborating with diverse communities.

Support Resources

The PTC Academic Program offers a variety of support resources for our customers. Technical support, FAQs, reference guides, and more.