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PTC Creo for Schools

PTC Creo 3D modelling software is FREE!

Schools are issued with a FREE school license of PTC Creo 3D modelling software, including home use for students, when a teacher completes accredited training.

How to get involved:

  • Get PTC Creo here – Teachers and students sign up and will be sent a single seat product code, a link to download the install media, install instructions and a tech support link.
  • Register for a course – Teachers can use the region tabs below to sign up for an accredited course.
  • Complete the course – Your trainer will help teachers through to completing the course and a simple modelling task.
  • School license - Your trainer will notify PTC when you complete the course and we will send you your network license, single seat install codes, network installation instructions and access to our Precision LMS online multi-media software tutorials.

Trainers and Courses

England Scotland

In Scotland PTC works closely with SQA and their DIVA Scheme.


In Wales PTC works closely with STEM Cymru.

Email Bob Cater for information and to book a place on an accredited training course.

About PTC Creo
Creo is a state-of-the-art design software. You can transform product ideas into detailed virtual models using 2D and 3D tools, and perform powerful scientific and mathematic analyses. Learn more.
Benefits of PTC Creo
  • Engage student interest with cutting edge graphics and interactive virtual models.
  • Foster student creativity with limitless design opportunities.
  • Explore the science and math behind product development.
  • Produce detailed designs for manufacturing and communications.
  • Free student and teacher licenses for in school and home use.
PTC Creo Parametric

About PTC Creo Parametric

PTC Creo Parametric is state-of-the-art 3D CAD software (formerly called Pro/ENGINEER). You can create 2D sketches, 3D models, assemblies, drawings, rendering and more. Schools across the globe have been using this tool for more than 10 years.



PDF DocumentVideo Tutorial

Get your students started with 3D design software by creating a simple construction kit of cubes and pegs. It is a fun and easy project for middle and high schools.

Level: First Time User

Advanced Primer

Advanced Primer

Practice your basic 3D design skills by modeling the wheel of an Aston Martin race car. This is a great project for upper middle and high school students to hone their PTC Creo proficiencies.

Level: Beginner

Classroom Projects

Classroom Projects

On our Projects page you will find fun activities where you can practice your PTC Creo skills and learn about science, technology, engineering and math.

Level: Beginner

PTC Creo Freestyle

About PTC Creo Freestyle

PTC Creo Freestyle is freeform surface modeling tool. It is an application included in PTC Creo Parametric. It is a new product for schools and offers students the opportunity to create digital models with simple modeling features which resembles ‘digital clay’. Great tool for rapidly creating concept ideas and producing organic looking structures.

Precision LMS

Freestyle Process Exercise: Precision LMS

Learn the basics of free form surface modeling and apply your new knowledge to create a laundry detergent bottle.

PTC Creo Sketch

About PTC Creo Sketch

PTC Creo Sketch is a digital drawing tool. Artists and designers use this tool to create early concept ideas with sketch tools and coloring palettes. Great for a variety of classes such as art and engineering, and PTC Creo Sketch files can easily be imported into PTC Creo Parametric as a reference for detailed 3D models.

Learning Exchange

PTC Creo Sketch: Learning Exchange

View a number of Creo Sketch demonstrations on Learning Exchange.

Explore PTC Academic Program for Schools

Get Software

Creo Parametric 2.0 is donated free to schools!

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