Ohio Design Automation Customer Transition

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Please note that this page will be updated regularly with new information about the transition and new services as they become available. Please visit this page for the latest updates on the transition.

On April 8, 2004, PTC (Nasdaq: PMTC), the product development company, acquired OHIO Design Automation, Inc. (OHIO-DA). The acquisition combines OHIO-DA’s leading technology with PTC’s leading Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) technology and will mean you can better address electro-mechanical design integration challenges. While Ohio Design Automation will continue to be run as a separate focused business unit within PTC and headed by John Lane former President and CEO, Ohio Design Automation will now be able to take advantage of PTC’s many resources to improve its product and services. The OHIO-DA Web pages will be transitioned over to be part of the PTC.com Web site under the InterComm and Harmony brands. The support e-mail address and support phone number will remain in place until October 2004 as the transition to using PTC’s Web and support infrastructure is completed. This page provides you with the details of the transition and improvements in your services.

How do I place a new or Maintenance renewal order?
How do I find my Service Contract Number (SCN)?

How do I find my PTC Customer Number?
How do I obtain a Web Account?
How do I get technical telephone support?
What does Gold Maintenance Entitle me to?
How do I get new license files?
How will my maintenance payments be effected?
How do I order support?
Where can I check on the compatibility?
How will software revisions change?
What will happen to the Ohio Web Site?
Where do I get product information?
General Inquiries?

Service Contract Number (SCN) Your service contract entitles you to telephone phone support and other service entitlements. Every customer whose maintenance was active with Ohio Design Automation will be given a Service Contract Number.

If you do not know your number you can find it a number of ways

If your maintenance is not active and you would like to learn more about PTC maintenance offerings in the United States go here or call 877-ASK-4-PTC, 781-370-5408.

Customer Number
Every customer is assigned a customer number. A customer number is an important number to know when accessing many PTC services. You can find your customer number a number of ways:

PTC Web Accounts
Creating a ptc.com Web account is simple and will give you access to a full set of online tools and other support services. You may for instance manage your Web account, log and track the status of Calls, search the Knowledge Data Base, order/download software updates, submit product enhancement requests and more. Please take a minute to create a PTC Web Account, to start taking advantage of these online tools immediately.

Technical SupportStarting on July 6, 2004, a number of Web and telephone support services will become available to you. When contacting Technical Support by Web or telephone, you will need to provide both the specific product area in question and the related Service Contract Number (SCN) for that product area, to allow proper routing of your call through the Web/telephone based system. Please be ready to reference your product/SCN combination whenever you wish to access Technical Support Web or telephone services.

Web ServicesAccess to all the Technical Support Web services can be found on the PTC Technical Support Web page. These Web based support services are available to you seven days a week, 24 hours a day and include the ability to log and track the status of Calls, search the Knowledge Data Base, order/download software updates, submit product enhancement requests and more.

Telephone Services
Access to Technical Support telephone support can obtained through the following contact numbers, and is available 5 days a week, 10 hours per day in local time zones.

Within North America: (800) 477-6435
Outside North America: Contact your reseller or call (781) 370-5260

The (603) 598-2525 telephone number that you may have used in the past will remain active until Oct 1, 2004. If you dial this old telephone number, you will be redirected via the following menu tree:

Press 1 for Technical Phone Support
Press 2 for License Management
Press 3 for Sales
Press 4 for the PTC dial by name employee phone book
Press 5 for all other

Maintenance Contracts Although you currently have full access to PTC Technical Support at our Silver level of service, please be patient with us as we transition your maintenance agreement to our Gold level of service, effective on/after October 1, 2004. You can learn more about the various PTC service level options.

Approximately 60 days before the expiration of your current maintenance agreement, you will receive a renewal notification from PTC asking you to send us your renewal order to continue your Maintenance & Technical Support services. In addition to the Technical Support access and Web services referenced above, PTC’s Maintenance Support agreements also include software updates for bug fixes and future enhancements to your OHIO-DA products.

If you have any other questions regarding the transition of your maintenance support services to PTC please visit PTC’s Web site at www.ptc.com or call 877-ASK-4PTC or 781-370-5408 and ask to speak with a Maintenance Representative.

Platform Support
PTC forms relationships with its hardware partners to provide our customers with software and hardware compatibility, as well as the highest level of support, quality and performance. For the latest compatibility matrixes please go here. Intercomm, Harmony and other Ohio Design products will appear shortly.

Changes to Software Revisions
By making a few minor changes to the way Ohio Design Automation labels software revisions, PTC will be able to better accommodate software downloads, help you find what you are looking for and will be more closely aligned with other Windchill products you may have. This will also improve PTC’s ability to correct SPR’s (Software Problem Reports). The following changes will be made beginning July 7, 2004.

Current InterComm Version PTC Release PTC “Build” (equivalent to Release + Minor rev) Date Code Part #
5.1.0 5.1 5.1.0 F000 xxxxxxxx051
5.1.1 5.1 5.1.1 M010 xxxxxxxx051
5.1.2 5.1 5.1.2 M020 xxxxxxxx051
5.1.3 5.1 5.1.3 M030 xxxxxxxx051
5.1.4 5.1 5.1.4 M040 xxxxxxxx051

Typically when new functionality is introduced, the second digit will change. For example 5.1 will go to 5.2. When the database changes and new functionality is introduced the fist digit changes. For example 5.1 would go to 6.0 if such as change is introduced.

While you will still be able to down load Intercomm, PTC will begin shipping CD on all new shipments. Silk Screens label on the CD will use the PTC “build” style setup. The Help About page will reference the current Ohio Design Naming convention and supplying the date code.

Version 5.1.0 was released in March of 2004. Version 5.1.4 was release in June of 2004

Web Page Transition The OHIO-DA Product Web pages will be transitioned over to be part of the PTC.com Web site under the InterComm and Harmony brands. Although the pages have a new look-and-feel, all the core information is still present, including the links to the online demo and the ability for visitors to download a trial version. We are also adding additional content that we think you would find useful such as new White Papers and product information. For InterComm and Harmony products, please visit http://www.ptc.com and select “Products-> All Products”.

General Inquires
We look forward to delivering the high level of maintenance support services you need to be successful. You can learn more about the strategic OHIO acquisition and the industry perspective by reading our overview page, press release and the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

Windchill Workgroup Manager for ECAD