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Douglas Stewart Company

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The Douglas Stewart Company is the leading distributor and marketer of computer products, consumer electronics and school supplies exclusively serving the education market.Our commitment to superior customer service, long-term relationships, product selection and unique channel marketing programs have established The Douglas Stewart Company as the preferred source for the most complete network of resellers who sell to faculty, staff and students of K-12 and higher education institutions. Our goal is to add value to both our vendors, the manufacturers and publishers who develop products, and to our resellers who sell those products to faculty, staff, and students. We link more than 10,000 products with over 2,500 resellers in the United States and Canada. Long-standing relationships with our vendors allow us to offer quality, education-specific products and marketing services for resellers.

Below is the contact information of one of our main Sub-resellers Mathcad distributors support:Company name:Academic Superstore/Journey Ed

Academic Superstore2101 E. St. Elmo Road, Suite 360Austin, Texas 78744Phone: 1-800-817-2347Fax: 512-450-0263Webpage:

Gradware2101 E. St. Elmo Road, Suite 360Austin, Texas 78744Phone: 1-877-333-1667Fax: 1-866-871-0425Webpage: