Tristar Incorporated

TriStar Incorporated

Corporate Headquarters

TriStar Incorporated
3740 E. La Salle
St. Phoenix, AZ
United States

Contact Information
P - (602) 333-1600
F - (602) 333-1602

Company Overview

TriStar is PTC largest reseller in North America with over 20 offices across the country. Established in 1988 TriStar has been helping companies implement PLM for more than 20 years.

TriStar Inc. is dedicated to providing our customers with expert level knowledge of the PTC Product Suite, ensuring that our customers’ maximize their investments by being successful in their Product Development Strategy.   Our expertise includes but is not limited to the deploying, implementing, utilizing, and optimizing of the entire family of PTC software tools.  Through the sales and support of the PTC family of software, we set ourselves apart as PLM Specialists. Our goal is to fully integrate your companies’ development processes with the right tools to enable them to save time, focus on engineering, and turn their ideas into profit.

As our name says it all – we are the PLM Company. We have been involved in Product Lifecycle Management since its inception in the late 1980’s.

Along with a full suite of tools to capture and automate your product development process, TriStar also offers various options for training and education. These options range from in-depth custom curriculum to on-site, hands-on instruction. In addition, TriStar also provides an intricate network of 3rd party capabilities that include product design, mentoring, prototyping, staffing, and hardware solutions.

PTC Partner Tier Level


PTC Authorized Products

PTC Creo, PLM, ALM, SLM, Mathcad

PTC Authorized Countries

United States, Canada, Mexico

Additional Offices/Numbers

Los Angeles Area: 1-800-800-1714 x 3141
San Diego Area: 1-800-800-1714 x 2254
Portland, Oregon: 1-800-800-1714 x 3109
Washington: 1-800-800-1714 x 3145
San Francisco:  1-800-800-1714 x 3109
Salt Lake City: 1-800-800-1714 x 2254
Phoenix: 1-800-800-1714
Denver: 1-800-800-1714 x 2254
Dallas: 1-800-800-1714 x 3138
Houston: 1-800-800-1714 x 3138 
Davenport Iowa: 1-800-800-1714 x 3101
Chicago: 1-800-800-1714 x 3119
Grand Rapids:  1-800-800-1714 x 3105
Detroit:  1-800-800-1714 x 3105 
Milwaukee:  1-800-800-1714 x 3119
Indianapolis:  1-800-800-1714 x 3119
Cleveland:  1-800-800-1714 x 3137
Boston: 1-800-800-1714 x 3137 
New York: 1-800-800-1714 x 3137 
North Carolina: 1-800-800-1714 x 3131 
Tennessee: 1-800-800-1714 x 3131 
Atlanta: 1-800-800-1714 x 3120
Minnesota:  1-800-800-1714 x 3101
Anaheim:  1-800-800-1714 x 3141
Quebec:  1-800-800-1714 x 3157
Windsor:  1-800-800-1714 x 3127
Toronto:  1-800-800-1714 x 3105
Calgary:  1-800-800-1714 x 3145
British Columbia:  1-800-800-1714 x 3145