Corporate Headquarters

999 Metromedia Place
Dallas, TX 75247

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Joel Hutton
(p) 214-857-6100
(f) 214-857-6500

Company Overview

GDT is an award winning technology integration partner with expertise in the delivery of enterprise network, collaboration, mobility and data center technologies to service providers, large enterprises, and businesses of all sizes. In business since 1996, GDT has a successful track record in designing, building, and delivering complex solutions.

DESIGN IT. GDT solution architects and engineers realize the vision of both business leaders and IT professionals by designing powerful and scalable IT ecosystems that increase resource productivity.

BUILD IT. We build, stage, configure, and test our best-of-breed technology solutions in state-of-the-art facilities to ensure the continuation of a client’s business operations.

DELIVER IT. GDT delivers true, turnkey installations, knowledge transfer and training, and satisfied clients that meet their business objectives.

Partner Tier Level


PTC Authorized Products

ThingWorx (IoT)

States Authorized

USA                                 Alabama

USA                                 Alaska

USA                                 Arizona

USA                                 Arkansas

USA                                 California

USA                                 Colorado

USA                                 Connecticut

USA                                 District Of Columbia

USA                                 Florida

USA                                 Georgia (Us)

USA                                 Hawaii

USA                                 Idaho

USA                                 Illinois

USA                                 Indiana

USA                                 Iowa

USA                                 Kansas

USA                                 Kentucky

USA                                 Louisiana

USA                                 Maine

USA                                 Maryland

USA                                 Massachusetts

USA                                 Michigan

USA                                 Minnesota

USA                                 Mississippi

USA                                 Missouri

USA                                 Montana

USA                                 Nebraska

USA                                 Nevada

USA                                 New Hampshire

USA                                 New Jersey

USA                                 New Mexico

USA                                 New York

USA                                 North Carolina

USA                                 North Dakota

USA                                 Ohio

USA                                 Oklahoma

USA                                 Delaware

USA                                 Oregon

USA                                 Pennsylvania

USA                                 Rhode Island

USA                                 South Carolina

USA                                 South Dakota

USA                                 Texas

USA                                 Utah

USA                                 Vermont

USA                                 Virginia

USA                                 Washington

USA                                 West Virginia

USA                                 Wisconsin

USA                                 Wyoming

USA                                 Tennessee

Additional Offices

GDT Arkansas
400 West Capitol Ave
Suite 1722
Little Rock, AR 72201

GDT Houston
10370 Richmond Ave
Suite 250
Houston, TX 77042 
Tel: 832.714.3100 
Fax: 832.714.3190

GDT New York
One Penn Plaza
Suite 5320
New York, NY 10019 
Tel: 212.430.3056

GDT Northeast
179 Bear Hill Rd.
Suite 204
Waltham, MA 02451 
Tel: 781.786.7400

GDT San Antonio
16022 Via Shavano
San Antonio, TX 78249 
Tel: 210.265.1091 
Fax: 210.265.1094

GDT West Coast
4655 Old Ironside Dr
Suite 290
Santa Clara, CA 95054 
Tel: 408.660.1000