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CamNet Inc.

CamNet Inc. develops apps specialized for manufacturing to fit CNC & Robotics into Creo. Our products’ architecture allows for any file format and work flows. VIRobotics, our main robotic solution has a plugin developed specifically for PTC Creo known as VrPTC.

VrPTC allows Creo users access to offline robotic controls using the interface they are familiar with. This simplifies the process of moving from design to manufacturing, keeping the entire process inside of Creo. Transition your manufacturing project to robotic machine or a combination of the two.

Since 1997, CamNet Inc. created applications with over 30 years of experience in delivering automation and post solutions. CamNet delivers total solutions tailored to the needs of the individuals, providing faster and more intelligent processes to manufacturing clients.


Corporate Headquarters

5114 Patrick Rd.

West Bloomfield, MI


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Contact Information


Contact Name: Ogen Goldstein
Title: CEO
Phone: (248) 788-5331
Region: Detroit, Michigan


Contact Name: Ronen Goldstein
Title: Product Manager
Phone: (248) 890-0684
Region: Chicago, IL

VIRobotics Plugin for PTC - VrPTC

Program all your robots, no matter the type, right in Creo:

VrPTC is a plugin for Creo that allows for multiple robotic formats, freeing you from using many different types of programs for each robot. You can pick and choose your setup and not remain in one brand.

Save money without having to call an expert for each model and process:

No more need for a specialist when you use ViRobotics’ intuitive design. We’ve built a modular system that engages your current workflow to work in a method that makes the most sense to you and your team.

Robotic manufacturing processes includes: Milling, Grinding, Polishing, Laser, Painting, Sorting (pick and place), and more!

Includes VIPostSuite, a smart post processor designed to handle robotic movements to any type of robot.



Convert your generic CL File from PTC to a code designed specifically for your Robot, CNC machine or a combination of both.

VIPostSuite is a plugin in Creo that allows users to create and modify their own post processor without having to learn a complicated computer programming language. This supports all machines and robots from milling (3x, 4x, 5x, etc.), turning (2x up to 4x), millturning (2x, 4x, up to 5x), plasma, laser, waterjet, flame and more.

VIPostSuite works with any CNC and Robot using only one program for all your machines.