• 3 H Technology Institute, LLC
    3 H Technology Institute, LLC, is a full-service sales and service firm that provides significant intellectual capital to its customers.
  • Aquitas Solutions
    Aquitas Solutions, is a leading provider of EAM and IoT solutions that optimize asset intensive industries. The Company prides itself on working strategically and collaboratively with the top, globally recognized EAM and IoT platform solution providers to heighten business value and bring bottom-line benefits to their clients. Based in Atlanta, GA, Aquitas’ leadership team and management consultants have nearly one thousand man years of enterprise asset management experience and have been early adopters of IoT technology that helps clients leverage their EAM system to optimize performance and improve productivity and service levels across the entire spectrum of their organization. The Company has a long history of delivering faster, smarter, and more agile solutions at a competitive rate helping customers streamline their internal processes and compete more efficiently in an increasingly synergetic world.
  • Bahwan Cybertek
    Bahwan CyberTek is a global provider of innovative software products and solutions. Since its inception in 1999, BCT has enabled hundreds of organizations to operate as smart, efficient and future-ready enterprises and helped them function with agility and customer centricity.
  • Barkawi Management Consultants
    Barkawi specializes in helping clients improve their supply chain and operational results with better processes, analytics and tools. We provide clients with expertise in systems and science, and bring extensive experience in supply chain functions such as demand, inventory, supply, capacity and production management. As a global organization built on a focused, results-oriented approach, Barkawi is able to quickly deliver value, by defining a vision and turning it into reality. As a PTC ServiceAdvantage Partner, Barkawi collaborates closely with PTC to broaden PTC’s service offerings with existing and future clients to implementefficient delivery of PTC solutions and services. The Barkawi PTC Practice is comprised of many former Servigistics executives and engineers. With over 125 years of combined service experience and over 100 successful PTC Servigistics projects, these experts bring unparalleled experience to the partnership.
  • Barry-Wehmiller International
    Barry-Wehmiller is a multibillion dollar global solutions provider of Windchill, business and technology solutions to the manufacturing industry. With over 100 locations worldwide and global delivery operations located to meet customer needs throughout the U.S., Europe, Southeast Asia and South America. Barry-Wehmiller offers world-class multi-site Windchill, engineering and enterprise solutions that enable its clients to achieve a competitive edge in their marketplace.
  • Boston Engineering Corporation
    Boston Engineering drives product development innovation from concept through commercialization with three integrated practices: PLM Solutions, Product Development, and Technology Innovation. Boston Engineering is also the largest PTC reseller in the Northeast & Mid Atlantic.
  • Boundary Systems Inc
    Boundary Systems is a PTC reseller focused on CAD, CAM, and Product Data Management. Our team has over ten years of experience helping companies to be successful with PTC’s best-in-class solutions.
    Crimson Quality is a specialty PTC partner focused on reliability, quality and risk management. With more than 12 years of experience with companies across all industries, our knowledgeable team will help you maximize your investment in reliability and quality improvement.
    PTC Channel Advantage partner is committed to providing industry best class PLM solutions to our customer.
  • Datafrond, LLC
    Datafrond is committed to enable businesses to efficiently develop innovative products and services by deploying Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solutions.
  • Douglas Stewart Company
    The Douglas Stewart Company is the leading distributor and marketer of computer products, consumer electronics and school supplies exclusively serving the education market.Our commitment to superior customer service, long-term relationships, product selection and unique channel marketing programs...
  • EAC Product Development Solutions
    EAC Product Development Solutions (EAC) believes there is a better way to develop products. They’ve maintained a focus on everything product development for more than fifteen years. Whatever your product development or engineering initiatives, EAC is prepared to offer you world-class tools and services to help ensure you get successful products to market faster.
  • EAG Centar Proizvodi
    The company EAG Center was founded in 1996 in Zagreb. It currently employs 14 people mainly mechanical engineers. EAG Center is designed, operates and develops as a Centre of Advanced Engineering (Engineering AvantGarde Center). The mission of the company is continually monitored the formation and development, adopt methods of application and methodology introduction and introduce the use of modern technology in business processes of companies in the field of mechanical engineering and related fields. Through the services of introducing new technologies and services providing solutions by applying new technologies, the company constantly seeks to develop knowledge and experience, improve methodologies and processes and raise the level of quality of their services. EAG Centar Proizvodi d.o.o. Ulica grada Vukovara 269D 10000 Zagreb, Croatia, Hrvatska
  • Elite Engineering Services
    A subsidiary of the Elite Aerospace Group, Elite Engineering Services specializes in partnering with its customers to create solutions to business, technical, and operational challenges. We offer a wide range of solutions including Business Process Optimization, Solution Architecture, Technology Deployment, Mechanical Design, and Manufacturing Engineering services. Being both a customer and technology partner of PTC gives us a unique perspective on how to deploy solutions and deliver on the promise of technology to solve real world business problems.
  • GDT
    GDT is an award winning technology integration partner with expertise in the delivery of enterprise network, collaboration, mobility and data center technologies to service providers, large enterprises, and businesses of all sizes. In business since 1996, GDT has a successful track record in designing, building, and delivering complex solutions.
  • General Datatech, LP
    Founded in 1996, GDT is an award-winning, technology integration partner. GDT specializes in designing, building, and delivering best-of-breed technology solutions for service providers, enterprise networks, data centers, and more.
  • Genius Business Solutions Inc
    Genius Business Solutions is a global software & engineering consulting firm with headquarters in Moline, Quad Cities – Illinois, specializing in business process management software in a wide range of industry domains. Over the past 12 years of industry experience, GBSI has earned expertise in business consulting in Supply Chain Management, Business Process Reengineering and Business management software implementations while serving local, national and global customers.
  • Global Publishing Solutions Limited
    GPSL are experienced pre-press solution developers and implementers with over 60 years experience within the publishing industry.We are experts in 3B2 software and the application of 3B2, the Arbortext® suite of products and mark-up languages to deliver successful turnkey projects around the...
  • Gray Matter Systems
    Gray Matter Systems is a technology and consulting/integration company. We are asked to solve complex data and control problems. Typically, around collecting, storing, and acting on data. We do a lot of work in the manufacturing, power, oil and gas, and water waste/water industries. Once we are confident you have one secure version of the truth, we run analytics on that data, finally we use those analytics to provide valuable insight into the operation. Our customers use this insight to optimize operations, often resulting in increased throughput or quality for manufacturers, more production or reduced costs for oil and gas producers and compliance and better usage of the assets at waste and water authorities. Our solutions include consulting, off the shelf products, integration services and in some cases our IP to help meet company wide and personal goals.
    PTC Channel Advantage partner is committed to providing industry best class PLM solutions to our customer.
  • Impac Systems Engineering, LLC
  • Industrial Network Systems
    INS has spent more than 25 years providing our manufacturing and industrial clients with best-in-class solutions to improve overall business performance. We are a Thingworx Reseller and Solution Provider.
  • Kalypso
    Kalypso is a global consulting firm, helping organizations deliver better results from innovation in a digital world. Our vision is to help our clients enhance people’s lives through the power of innovation.
    Novo PLM is a value-added reseller of PTC’s PLM software solutions, along with training, consulting, and support. With extensive industry background, we act as the bridge between OEMs and suppliers to keep businesses efficient and productive.
  • NX REV
    Product Development Solutions NxRev Inc. is dedicated to providing our customers with the expert level knowledge of the PTC Product Suite, ensuring that our customers’ maximize their investments by being successful in their Product Development Strategy.
  • New Vision
    New Vision is focused on your experience with PTC Products. From the vision to the execution, we have a methodology that drives rapid time to value and a unique perspective in solving Product Development challenges. We look forward to the opportunity to become an integral partner focused on providing solutions that allow our clients more time for innovation and success.
  • Novedge
    Novedge is the leading online software store for design professionals. From engineers to architects, from filmmakers to graphic designers Novedge's website offers unparalleled product search and descriptions with clear licensing information for thousands of design software products.
  • PDSVision Limited
    Headquartered in the UK and as a PTC Platinum partner PDSVision Limited is about supporting small and medium sized enterprises with CAD and PLM solutions making customer's product development more efficient. Our vision is to enhance and improve the PLM offering, making it feasible for small and medium sized enterprises. This is done in an agile, professional and cost effective way that we strive to deliver to new and existing customers.
  • ReleaseTEAM
    ReleaseTEAM is a PTC Channel Advantage partner committed to providing industry best class PLM solutions to our customer. We help with implementations, migrations, tool evaluations and software sales from requirements to deployment. We have established best of breed partnerships, like PTC, that allow us to have a unique expertise in helping our clients with any problems they are having or assessing the environment to identify any areas that could be improved.
  • Single Sourcing Solutions Incorporated
    Single-Sourcing Solutions specializes in Arbortext — everything related to dynamic product information creation, publication, and delivery. We resell, implement and train clients on the PTC Arbortext product suite.
  • TECH-30
    Tech-30 enables engineers to streamline their processes by maximizing the value of their investments and finding innovative, efficient solutions to any challenge. Our expertise lies in providing comprehensive, full service solutions – whatever an engineer’s needs may be, Tech-30 will find a first-rate solution. Tech-30 achieves the highest customer satisfaction through our expert level of PTC’s full product suite. In addition to software offerings, Tech-30 offers complete training and education as an additional resource to customers.
  • Tekman Software Solutions, Inc.
    Tekman Software Solutions is a PTC Channel Advantage partner is committed to providing industry best class ALM solutions to our customer.
  • Tristar Incorporated
    Product Lifecycle Management TriStar is PTC largest reseller in North America with over 20 offices across the country. Established in 1988 TriStar has been helping companies implement PLM for more than 20 years.
  • USDM Life Sciences
    USDM Life Sciences provides PTC solutions for life science customers, with PTC PLM, ALM, SLM and IoT. USDM ensures regulated medical device and life science organizations meet both business and compliance objectives.
    PTC Channel Advantage partner is committed to providing industry best class PLM solutions to our customer.
  • Zero Wait-State
    Zero Wait-State (ZWS) is an industry-leading strategic partner that helps businesses develop and sustain an effective Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) approach. ZWS solutions help companies better integrate their design data into their product development and supply chain operations — accelerating innovation, driving revenue growth, and reducing new product introduction (NPI) costs. The combined offerings from PTC and Zero Wait-State streamline the customer experience and provide one resource to bring both software and services – including needs assessment, business case rationale, process design, implementation, data migration, customization, and post go-live support – to companies looking to transform their product development process; backed by ZWS’ unique Outcomes-Based Methodology and TeamState Approach. The strong partnership was formed with a customer-first mindset.