Find a Software Reseller

  1. LEAP Australia have a long established reputation for successfully delivering Computer Aided Engineering CAE and Product LiveCycle Management (PTC) software and services to hundreds of Australian and New Zealand customers – from global leaders to small local companies. Our team of highly qualified and experienced engineers provide support, training, advice and customisation in their area of expertise, such as CAD, CAM, PDM, PLM and Simulation.
  2. PDSVision is a Northern European IT provider of solutions and services directed mainly towards research and development challenges. As part of the PDSVision Group (, we have presence throughout the Nordics, Germany and UK and can provide a complete offering around PLM. We deliver all supporting functions from software, support, implementation, training and development services. Together with our partners in PLM Elite (, PDSVision can support your PLM Projects in more than 60 locations worldwide.
    Partner Tier: Platinum
    Authorized Product: PTC Creo; PTC Windchill; PTC Integrity
    PTC Preferred Product: PTC Windchill PLM Preferred; PTC Windchill PDM Preferred
  3. A Total Solution! We help you integrate your development process with the right tools so that you can focus on engineering rather than the process; create innovative, quality products; and turn your ideas into profit! Expertise - with our vast experience in design...
  4. Mountaintop Software is a certified Channel Partner reseller and consulting group for the PTC Implementer and Integrity ALM/Agile suite of software products.
    Partner Tier: Silver
    Authorized Product: PTC Integrity