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PTC Mathcad Austria
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  1. ComputerKomplett Ascad GmbH, as a PTC Channel Advantage and MSP partner, is committed to providing industry best class PLM solutions to our customer, based on best practice experiences. ComputerKomplett Ascad GmbH also is a specialist for integrations of PTC products into ERP-Systems.
    Partner Tier: Platinum
    Authorized Product: PTC Creo; PTC Windchill; PTC Arbortext; PTC Mathcad
    PTC Preferred Product: PTC Windchill PLM Preferred
  2. INNEO Solutions is the leading solution provider for CAD/CAM/CAE, PDM/PLM, information technology and project management in the UK, Germany and Switzerland. The customer’s success and satisfaction are our supreme objectives. To achieve these objectives we can count on the support and experience of our 270 employees in 12 offices across the UK, Germany and Switzerland. Discerning current trends and future imperatives – and developing new, competent solutions to address them – has been the mainstay of our operations for 25 years and will remain so.
  3. NET AG system integration helps companies to improve product development related processes. Through a unique value oriented approach, customers get measurable and predictable results. Market leading technology leads to increased revenue and reduced costs and risks. Saving money or faster time to market are the main objectives. Within our partner companies of the NET GROUP we offer a wide range of products around product development. As PTC Platinum Partner we offer local and global implementations of MCAD or PLM solutions. High skilled and certified engineers deliver training and support services. In addition you will profit from our productivity solutions for MCAD and PLM. Our adjustable interface between PTC Windchill® and SAP SAPLink for PTC Windchill® PDMLink® is the most robust solution in the marketplace.
  4. TECHSOFT offers complete solutions for engineering and manufacturing companies. This includes the whole process of design, engineering, simulation, product data management, NC programming, and shop-floor organization and therefore enables our customers to implement Product Lifecycle Management. Our total solution consists of hardware and software completed with in-house developed products and productivity tools. These products and tools are delivered worldwide. TECHSOFT consists of three business units: CAD/CAM, PDM/PLM, and IT Infrastructure.
  5. CAD Schroer ist ein zertifizierter PTC-Entwicklungspartner. Seit 1998 erstrecken sich unsere Leistungen von der Entwicklung von Schnittstellen, über die Implementierung angepasster Datenmanagement-Lösungen, bis hin zur Realisierung individueller Software-Lösungen. Als PTC-Partner bietet CAD Schroer Ihnen alle Leistungen aus einer Hand. Bei uns bekommen Sie sowohl die benötigten PTC-Produkte, als auch die dazugehörige Beratung und Dienstleistung.
    Partner Tier: Silver
    Authorized Product: PTC Creo; PTC Arbortext; PTC Windchill; PTC Mathcad; PTC CADDS 5
  6. Arbortext Reseller
  7. Our expertise is in Embedded Systems for vehicles, Internet of Things (IoT) and Industry 4.0. PROMETO delivers optimum results from the interaction between hardware, software, construction, project- and process management and the deployed development tools. As a PTC reseller we are involved in many projects, where Integrity is used – starting with classic consulting, installation and training up to ready solutions and operation, as well as administration for a definite period of time. Unsere Expertise liegt auf den Embedded Systemen für Fahrzeuge, Internet of Things (IoT) und Industrie 4.0. PROMETO liefert optimale Ergebnisse aus den Interaktionen zwischen Hardware, Software, Konstruktion, Projekt- bzw. Prozessmanagement und den eingesetzten Entwicklungswerkzeugen.
    Partner Tier: Silver
    Authorized Product: PTC Mathcad; PTC Integrity