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  1. Simonsoft is an experienced provider of solutions for technical documentation. As the industry requires a more holistic approach to the support of aftermarket sales and services Simonsoft continues to develop our portfolio with solutions for Aftermarket information, Web based delivery media, E-learning and other good stuff that enhances our client’s customer relations. We operate the northern European market with Arbortext as our main brand. Let us know how we can help you with your challenge, regardless if it´s around small challenges within technical documentation or larger scale aftermarket solutions.
    Partner Tier: Platinum
    Authorized Product: PTC Arbortext
    PTC Preferred Product: PTC Arbortext Preferred
  2. Softech is a Product Lifecycle Partner: the company works to provide best in class engineering services, consulting, hardware and PTC CAD/CAE/CAM and PLM solutions for all product development processes
  3. Tech-30 enables engineers to streamline their processes by maximizing the value of their investments and finding innovative, efficient solutions to any challenge. Our expertise lies in providing comprehensive, full service solutions – whatever an engineer’s needs may be, Tech-30 will find a first-rate solution. Tech-30 achieves the highest customer satisfaction through our expert level of PTC’s full product suite. In addition to software offerings, Tech-30 offers complete training and education as an additional resource to customers.
  4. TECHSOFT offers complete solutions for engineering and manufacturing companies. This includes the whole process of design, engineering, simulation, product data management, NC programming, and shop-floor organization and therefore enables our customers to implement Product Lifecycle Management. Our total solution consists of hardware and software completed with in-house developed products and productivity tools. These products and tools are delivered worldwide. TECHSOFT consists of three business units: CAD/CAM, PDM/PLM, and IT Infrastructure.
  5. Teracad Informatica e Servicos Lda
    Partner Tier: Platinum
    Authorized Product: PTC Creo; PTC Arbortext; PTC Windchill
    PTC Preferred Product: PTC Windchill PLM Preferred
  6. Product Lifecycle Management TriStar is PTC largest reseller in North America with over 20 offices across the country. Established in 1988 TriStar has been helping companies implement PLM for more than 20 years.
    Partner Tier: Platinum
    Authorized Product: PTC Creo; PTC Windchill; PTC Arbortext; PTC Mathcad
  7. 湃睿科技(PISX)创建于2003年,专注PTC产品超过10年,是PTC亚太区战略合作伙伴、PTC白金级(最高级)代理商(PTC亚太区业绩排名第一),代理销售PTC全线产品,特别是在Windchill PLM企业级解决方案咨询、规划、定制开发、实施等方面拥有丰富的行业经验和诸多成功案例。 湃睿科技目前拥有超过100人规模的技术团队,服务客户超过800家,包括一汽集团、三一重工、卧龙集团等国内外知名企业,涉足行业包括汽车、工业装备、电子高科技、医疗设备以及航空航天和国防等。曾获得PTC和政府部门多项荣誉奖章。公司维护运营的“湃睿技术社区”是目前最为活跃的有关PTC产品实施、定制开发技术的中文论坛网站。
  8. Otsuka Information is the largest CAX/PDM system integration and software develop provider. As we had over decade skill and experience in manufacture business, we provide the CAID/CAD/CAE/CAM/PLM system implementation, professional training, consultant service, customization, project outsourcing and go-live support services. Solid sales and technical support team, we served the customer over Taiwan and other major city in China. We provide 2D/3D mechanical design, surface style design, industrial analysis, mold analysis and PDM/PLM product live cycle and management solution.
    Partner Tier: Platinum
    Authorized Product: PTC Windchill; PTC Arbortext; PTC Creo; PTC Mathcad
  9. PTC Channel Advantage partner is committed to providing industry best class PLM solutions to our customer.
    Partner Tier: Platinum
    Authorized Product: PTC CADDS 5; PTC Creo; PTC Windchill; PTC Arbortext; PTC Mathcad
  10. 苏州安德软件系统有限公司致力于为制造业企业提供PTC公司CAD/CAE/CAM/PLM全系列软件产品和专业的顾问咨询、培训和技术服务。我们拥有超过十年的制造行业经验和丰富的客户案例,我们的专业团队会为每一个客户量身定制完整的解决方案,提供细致的实施和培训服务以及7×24不间断的技术支持。
    Partner Tier: Platinum
    Authorized Product: PTC Creo; PTC CADDS 5; PTC Windchill; PTC Arbortext; PTC Mathcad
    PTC Preferred Product: PTC Windchill PDM Preferred
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