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  1. The company EAG Center was founded in 1996 in Zagreb. It currently employs 14 people mainly mechanical engineers. EAG Center is designed, operates and develops as a Centre of Advanced Engineering (Engineering AvantGarde Center). The mission of the company is continually monitored the formation and development, adopt methods of application and methodology introduction and introduce the use of modern technology in business processes of companies in the field of mechanical engineering and related fields. Through the services of introducing new technologies and services providing solutions by applying new technologies, the company constantly seeks to develop knowledge and experience, improve methodologies and processes and raise the level of quality of their services. EAG Centar Proizvodi d.o.o. Ulica grada Vukovara 269D 10000 Zagreb, Croatia, Hrvatska
    Partner Tier: Gold
    Authorized Product: PTC Creo; PTC Windchill; PTC Arbortext; PTC Mathcad