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  1. Novo PLM is a value-added reseller of PTC’s PLM software solutions, along with training, consulting, and support. With extensive industry background, we act as the bridge between OEMs and suppliers to keep businesses efficient and productive.
  2. Product Development Solutions NxRev Inc. is dedicated to providing our customers with the expert level knowledge of the PTC Product Suite, ensuring that our customers’ maximize their investments by being successful in their Product Development Strategy.
  3. Ovexia is a company specialized in the distribution of PTC products and PTC University Authorized Training Partner. A subsidiary of Cadesis Group, Ovexia is composed of four agencies in France and one in Switzerland. With more than 17 years of expertise and historical knowledge (1999) Cadesis Group offers a global range of solutions for industries (CAO/PLM/BI/ERP/CRM/IOT/EDM/PIM), bringing real methodological support to industrial companies using PTC solutions. We offer the following services: • Audit • CAD and PLM Integration • Training • R&D • Technical support Our team has a thorough understanding of business-specific issues and product lifecycle management challenges. Depending on your environment, your strategy, your requirements and expectations, Ovexia provides you with the best tools and solutions.
    Partner Tier: Gold
    Authorized Product: ThingWorx; PTC Windchill; PTC Arbortext; PTC Mathcad; PTC Creo
  4. A Total Solution! We help you integrate your development process with the right tools so that you can focus on engineering rather than the process; create innovative, quality products; and turn your ideas into profit! Expertise - with our vast experience in design...
  5. Sub-Saharan Distributor of PTC PLM Solutions (Pro/ENGINEER and WIndchill)
  6. Started as Software Consultancy Group (SCG) in 1989, the business was reconstituted as Softcell Technologies Limited in 1995. With its head office in Mumbai, Softcell has offices in seven major cities in India.
  7. .
    Partner Tier: Gold
    Authorized Product: PTC Creo; PTC Windchill; PTC Arbortext; PTC Mathcad
  8. WorkLogix Middle East LLC is a technology fronting company with a focused approach towards offering unique solutions across the Middle East. Major segments of our business are Design & Engineering industries, Industrial Machines, Audio Visual solutions & implementations, and Enterprise Security Surveillance & Access control solutions.
    Partner Tier: Gold
    Authorized Product: PTC Creo; PTC Mathcad; PTC Windchill
  9. 微凌科技专注于PTC全线解决方案,致力于采用业界领先的各种技术平台和企业应用,结合本地化的优秀服务资源,帮助制造商在物联网时代实现产品和服务的优势。微凌科技在Creo, Windchill, Abortext, Integrity(ALM)等领域均积累了丰富的项目经验和行业经验,并积极向物联网Thingworx领域拓展,涉足行业包括电子高科技,汽车零部件,工业设备,医疗器械,以及新能源等。微凌科技本着“敬业、专业、合作、责任”的企业价值观,以专业的项目管理方法和实施团队,向客户提供业务咨询(研发管理流程诊断,技术管理方法咨询,产品设计过程优化)、系统实施(Windchill项目实施与定制开发,Creo三维设计方法论导入,设计规范、标准建立),和支持与培训(标准和定制化培训,行业最佳实践与案例库,7*8技术支持热线,在线技术支持和论坛)等服务。
    Partner Tier: Gold
    Authorized Product: PTC Creo; PTC Windchill; PTC Arbortext; PTC Mathcad; PTC CADDS 5
    PTC Preferred Product: PTC Creo Elements/Direct Preferred
    Partner Tier: Gold
    Authorized Product: PTC Creo; PTC Windchill; PTC Arbortext; PTC Mathcad; PTC CADDS 5
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