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NetRegulus Technical Support Integration Update

In September 2009, PTC's business systems are being extended to incorporate NetRegulus's customers. This page has been created to help guide you through the entitlements and features of the PTC support system. Please visit this page frequently to remain aware as we implement changes to our business systems for NetRegulus customers.

Support for NetRegulus products will continue to be provided by the same world-class team, at the service levels provided by NetRegulus. At this time, Technical Support will be offered in English only.

If you experience any difficulties accessing support services, please contact Customer Care using the PTC Customer Care Call Logger or the toll-free phone at one of the numbers below.

Customer Care Contact Information

North America 877-275-4782
Europe 00-800-78-24-43-57
Japan +81 (0) 3-3346-8280
Asia & Pacific Rim 0086-21-61065714

Table of Contents

Getting Started

Customer Support Online Account

To access many of the tools on the PTC Technical Support web site, you will need a Customer Support online account.

To create a new Customer Support Online Account, go to the PTC Online Account creation page and fill out the form. Make sure to upgrade your new account so that all tools and services are available to you. When upgrading your account, you must provide your new PTC Customer Number and Service Contract Number which were provided to you by email.

To see a video showing how to create a PTC online account, please click here.

Creating and Tracking Support Calls with PTC Online

Once you have Customer Support Online Account, you can create a new Call for technical assistance with PTC online at any time using the PTC Call Logger.  To view and update existing calls, use the PTC Call Tracker.  These tools can be accessed anytime from the PTC Support Center under the Tools heading in the left column.

To see a video showing you how to use the Call Logger, please click here.

To see a video showing you how to use the Call Tracker, please click here.

Contacting PTC Technical Support via Phone

For technical assistance, use the following information, based on your region, to contact PTC via phone.  Please be sure to have your valid Service Contract Number (SCN) ready.  This can be found in one of the emails sent to you or by contacting Global Maintenance Support.

Technical Support Contact Information

Region Phone Number Telephone Menu Map
North America  (800) 477-6435 Phone Tree
Europe +800-PTC-4-HELP
Phone Tree
Japan 0120-20-9023 Phone Tree

For more contact information, including additional regions, License Management and Education Services, customers should refer to the Worldwide Contact Information section of the Customer Service Guide

When calling Technical Support, customers will navigate a phone tree of all PTC products.  This phone tree will vary based on region.  To find a printable version of the phone tree for your region, use the appropriate link above, or go to the Worldwide Contact Information section of the Customer Service Guide, scroll down to find the correct region and select the corresponding Telephone Map.

Managing Your Product Licenses, Orders, Maintenance Status

To request new licenses or manage existing licenses, inquire about orders and maintenance status, contact PTC Customer Care by phone (see Customer Care Contact Information above ) or via the PTC Customer Care Call Logger. Currently, the online PTC License Management tools do not apply to NetRegulus products.

Submitting Enhancement Requests

Enhancement Requests may be filed using PTC's Enhancement Logger tool.

NetRegulus Software Downloads

NetRegulus customers may now download product releases and updates using the PTC software download tool.

NetRegulus Product Documentation

NetRegulus customers may now download product documentation using the Reference Documents tool.


PTC Technical Support Glossary

PTC has an online glossary that can help with many of the new terms customers will need to know when working with PTC. Below are explanations of a few PTC terms as they relate specifically to NetRegulus customers.

Release is the major version of a PTC software product. Releases are versions where significant enhancements have been made to the software product in order to provide value to maintenance paying customers. New releases are only available to customers with active maintenance contracts.
The Datecode is a release identifier. For existing NetRegulus product releases, the Datecode matches the Release identifier.In future releases, the datecode may follow the PTC standard format.
The module is a subcategory for the product referenced in the Technical Support Call. In addition to modules of a specific product, this may also refer to a more specific area of functionality or a designation for a common type of customer issue.
Examples of NetRegulus products, Releases, Datecodes, and Modules:
Product Release Datecode Module
NetRegulus NetRM 7.5.1 7.5.1 CAPA
NetRegulus NetRM 7.5.1 7.5.1 Study Administrator
NetRegulus NetRM 7.4.4 7.4.4 Study Administrator
NetRegulus 6.5 6.5 Console
Service Contract Number (SCN)
The Service Contract Number, or SCN, is a unique identifier to track your purchased maintenance for a PTC product or group of products. A valid SCN is required for all Technical Support services, including opening a Call and downloading software updates.
If you require assistance determining the SCN to use when contacting PTC, contact our Global Maintenance Support team at the Customer Care Contact Information above.

Additional Links

PTC Customer Service Guide

For complete information about PTC Technical Support, Customer Care, License Management, Maintenance Support, Training and the PTC web site, please see the PTC Customer Service Guide.

PTC Product Calendar

Use the PTC Product Calendar to find information about when new releases of NetRegulus products will become available to download and when Technical Support for products will end.

Technical Support Tools Videos

View additional videos to help you understand how to use all of the tools available to you on the Technical Support web site.