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Creo Elements/Pro Student Edition FAQ

I need help in installing Creo Elements/Pro 5.0 Student Edition (formerly Pro/ENGINEER)?
Please download the Install Guide for Creo Elements/Pro 5.0 Student Edition from the following link:

For additional support, please send an email to student@ptc.com

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I have purchased the Creo Elements/Pro Student Edition CD, how do I get started?
Once you have your Student Edition CD's, you must install and register the software before it can be used. This installation and registration process is initiated when you insert the Student Edition CD's into your machine and start PTC.Setup. PTC.Setup will guide you through this process. The first step of this process is registering for a PTC Online account and generating your license file.

For more detailed installation and registration instructions refer to the installation guide.

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What Creo Elements/Pro capabilities are provided with the Creo Elements/Pro Student Edition?
The Creo Elements/Pro Student Edition includes the following Creo Elements/Pro Modules:

Also included:

*Creo Elements/Pro 5.0 Student Edition does not include the following modules that are part of the commercial Creo Elements/Pro Foundation-Advantage Package: Interface for CADDS, Interface for CATIA, or PDGS.

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What are the minimum system requirements for the Creo Elements/Pro Student Edition?
PTC recommends that you use appreciate hardware with Creo Elements/Pro to improve the users experience with the application. Here are the minimum and recommended system requirements - Minimum Hardware Specifications

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What languages are supported by Creo Elements/Pro Student Edition?
The Creo Elements/Pro Schools Edition supports English, French, German, Italian, Russian, Spanish, Japanese and Chinese (simplified and traditional) and languages. The desired language(s) is selected at the time of installation.

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I am trying to install the Creo Elements/Pro Student Edition in a language other than English. What do I do?
PTC.SETUP and Creo Elements/Pro when started look at the following information to determine the language to start in. They first look for the environment variables LANG or PRO_LANG. If they are not set, then it looks to the operating system for the defined language and will start in that language; assuming PTC.SETUP or Creo Elements/Pro supports it.

Note: If you want to run PTC.Setup or Creo Elements/Pro in another language other than the Operating Systems default language, you will be required to set the environment variable PRO_LANG.

Below are the list of variable PRO_LANG can be set to:

Lauguage Variable
German german
Japanese japanese
Chinese Simplified chinese_cn
Chinese Traditional chinese_tw
Italian italian
Spanish spanish
Korean korean
French french
English usascii
Russian russian

If you would like to install the Creo Elements/Pro Student Edition in a language other than English follow these instructions:

Windows XP/VISTA/Windows 7:

  1. Right-click on My Computer and select Properties.
  2. In the Advanced tab, select the Environment Variables button.
  3. Under the "User" section, select New.
  4. In the Variable Name field, type "LANG"
  5. In the Variable Value field, type "language", for example: if the language desired is German, type "german".

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I am having problems running the Creo Elements/Pro Student Edition. Are there any known problems or special installation procedures that I must follow?

  1. The Creo Elements/Pro Student Edition requires an NTFS File System. In many cases Windows XP Home Edition is setup with a FAT File System out of the box. The file system may need to be converted to NTFS if not already done.
  2. Try setting the config.pro option "graphics win32_gdi" or "use_software_opengl yes".

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I launch the Creo Elements/Pro Student Edition and get the splash screen, then it goes away but the program does not start. What do I do?
Windows XP/VISTA/Windows 7

  1. Right-click on the desktop and select Properties from the menu
  2. On the Settings tab, click the Advanced button
  3. There will be a Hardware Acceleration dialog box on the Troubleshooting tab. Move the slider from Full to None, and apply the changes

If Creo Elements/Pro Student Edition still doesn't run, select the Settings tab and locate the Color setting. Set this value to be 256 colors. Apply it and exit the Display Properties box. You should now be able to run the program.

Alternatively, you can create a text file called config.pro file and place it in /text/config.pro. In the text file you can add the option 'USE_SOFTWARE_OPENGL Y'. This will ignore the graphics card in the system and use software opengl. Save the file and restart Creo Elements/Pro.

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What are the differences between the Commercial version and the Training Edition of Creo Elements/Pro?
The Creo Elements/Pro Student Edition includes features that make it uniquely suited for personal, educational use. These restrictions do not inhibit personal, educational use of the software.

(*Provided that the Student Edition and Educational Edition are both the same Creo Elements/Pro release)

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What kinds of help tools (online tutorials/printed manuals/general help) are provided with the Creo Elements/Pro Student Edition?
PTC Online Help (all languages) for Creo Elements/Pro Student Edition is included on the DVD. English help is installed by default. The Online Help can be started from within Creo Elements/Pro by selecting #Help, #Pro/E Help System. Printed documentation is not provided.

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How is the Student Edition licensed?
The Creo Elements/Pro Student Edition is a node locked license. This means a license will need to be created for the machine you are installing the edition on. The license is not locked for a user, but linked to the physical address for the Ethernet Card in the machine. The Student Edition also utilized a specific Product Code that is required in order to generate a license file. The Product Code will either be sent to you from PTC following the purchase of the product from the PTC Online Store or listed on the back of the CD case. The Student Edition cannot be installed on more than one machine. This is reinforced by the Product Code.

There is no technical support for the Student Edition. Users who experience installation issues should contact student@ptc.com for assistance.

Note: You cannot use the Student Edition software for commercial, professional, or for-profit purposes.

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Why does the error: "The page cannot be displayed" appear in my web browser after I select "Create a New License File" in PTC.Setup?
The error is received because DNS on the machine requesting the license file is not configured properly. You should be able to ping the machine by its fully qualified hostname to be able to access this site. This issue can be resolved by doing one of the following:

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I have just created my PTC online account. Do I need to upgrade my account before requesting the license file?
No. A basic username and password from www.ptc.com is sufficient for requesting a license file for the Student Edition via the online or offline method.

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Can additional modules/functionality be purchased to expand the Creo Elements/Pro Student Edition?
No, the Creo Elements/Pro Student Edition cannot be expanded to provide additional capabilities.

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Are the Creo Elements/Pro Student Edition files compatible with Commercial Licenses of Creo Elements/Pro?
No, the Creo Elements/Pro Student Edition is not intended for commercial use. Files created within the Student Edition cannot be opened with commercially licensed Creo Elements/Pro. In addition, files created with commercially licensed Creo Elements/Pro cannot be opened with the Creo Elements/Pro Student Edition.

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Does the Student Edition have an expiration date that disables its use after a period of time?
No. The Creo Elements/Pro Student Edition is a perpetual edition. It does not expire after registration.

The Creo Elements/Pro Student Edition license is locked to the Host ID (physical address) of your computer. To find out your Host ID, click Start and choose Run. In the Run dialog box, type cmd and press RETURN. In the DOS window, type ipconfig/all. Look for the network Physical Address for your Host ID. The Host ID also appears in the bottom-left corner of the first screen in the Creo Elements/Pro installation.

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What does the message "Could not detect network adapter" mean?
See your hardware vendor for information on installing and configuring the network adapter if you get this message: Could not detect network adapter. An Ethernet network adapter is required to start the Creo Elements/Pro Student Edition.

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Why does Creo Elements/Pro not find the load point at startup?
If you get the message Cannot Find <Loadpoint>\i486_nt\filename, the PATH environment variable for the Creo Elements/Pro load point is either is not set or is incorrect. You may have a syntax or spelling error. To correct this, follow these steps:

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What happens when the offline license is embedded into the e-mail from PTC?
Depending on your e-mail provider, when you generate a license via the offline method, you might receive an e-mail with the license file embedded. Typically, the license file is included as an attachment. To generate your license, please select and cut (CTRL+C) the text, which is similar to the text shown below.

Caution: Do not edit or change any information in the text or it will corrupt the license file.

In WordPad, paste (CTRL+V) the selected text and save the file with the name license.txt. During installation of Creo Elements/Pro, you will browse to this file.

######### Creo Elements/Pro Student Edition 5.0 #########

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