Dealing with Late Stage Design Changes

Manufacturers everywhere need to deal with late stage design changes- customers requesting design changes that come late in development, unplanned engineering change orders (ECOs) to a product that’s released, and customer quality reports that require immediate changes in a shipping product. Even new regulations that force product design changes in selected regions and industries come late in the process and are disruptive.

And while change is easy when it was pre-planned as part of the parametric model’s original intent, the majority of these changes aren’t. That’s a problem, and working around a design’s original intent can be a major time sink. In the end, many teams solve these challenges by simply starting over and recreating existing data from scratch.

A flexible modeling approach can change that. It combines the best of parametric and direct modeling in one CAD tool. Now, any design change can be made, while preserving the design intent of existing models. This approach will even work with imported geometry from your existing CAD tool. PTC Creo and Pro/ENGINEER users can fully preserve the existing design intelligence in their original models.

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