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Portals Help Page - Saving PPT (PowerPoint) files

Users clicking PPT files may see their files open in "slide show play" mode. If you exit the slideshow there is no way of saving the presentation to your local disk.
Here are three ways of accomplishing the save.
  1. Use Mozilla, or Firefox, or any other browser besides IE. This may not be a very viable option for you.

  2. After exiting the slideshow, you will be left on a WCMS redirect page. You should see a click here to save as link. You can Right click this link and save the presentation. Again, this is not agreat option, since you have to go into the slideshow and then exit out before saving.

  3. The third method outlined below will allow you to edit your IE options, so that clicking on any PPT file frm the web will ask you top open (play) or save. You can then easily choose to save each time.
    1. Open WINDOWS explorer (not IE).
    2. From top menu, Click Tools - Folder Options (shown in figure 1).
    3. Click the tab that says File Types
    4. Wait until the flashlight is gone and all file types are listed. Depending on your computer...this may take a few minutes.
    5. Scroll down to PPT and click that entry (single click) and then click 'advanced'.
    6. Check the box that says 'Confirm Open after download'
    7. Click OK
    8. click Close.

Figure 1 - Tools / Options under Windows Explorer.

Figure 2 - Click PPT and Advanced.

Figure 3 - Confirm Open After Download.

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