Hardware Notes - Pro/MECHANICA Wildfire

Pro/MECHANICA Localization Details English German French Japanese Italian Spanish Traditional Chinese Simplified Chinese Korean
Software components x x x x          
Documentation components                  
Installation and Administration Guide x x x x x x x x x
Using Motion With Pro/ENGINEER x x x x x x x x x
Verification Guide x                
Custom Loads Guide x                
Equations of Motion x                
MNF Specification x                
Tire Model Guide x                
Simulation On-line help components x x x x          
Specialty Online Help Modules                  
Transferring Entities from Pro/ENGINEER x                
Learning Pro/MECHANICA Basies (Independent Mode) x                
FEM Neutral File Format x                
Limitations and Configuration File Options x                
Understanding Fatigue Analysis x                
Database Considerations for Integrated Mode x                
Files Created by Pro/MECHANICA x                
Icons Used in Pro/MECHANICA x                
Glossary for Pro/MECHANICA x                
Bibliography x                
Using the Motion Engine on UNIX x                
Shell Property Equations x                
PTC Customer letter x x x x x x x x x