Qualified OpenGL Graphics Boards for Pro/DESKTOP

Pro/DESKTOP enables users to take advantage of hardware implementations of OpenGL. We have undertaken qualification of a small set of graphics boards in house. As and when qualification of other graphics hardware is completed, this information will be updated.

The following table lists the graphics boards qualified for use with Pro/DESKTOP, and the configurations on which they have been tested. It is important to use the correct settings in the configuration dialog that accompanies the graphics board. The configuration settings are often found on an additional tab in the Windows display properties dialog. Although you may be able to use resolutions other than those listed in the table, it is often the case that only certain combinations will enable acceleration for Pro/DESKTOP.

If you are in doubt as to whether you are getting acceleration, or you wish to test a graphics board or configuration not listed below, we have provided a test program that you can run. It will indicate whether Pro/DESKTOP will be accelerated in your current configuration.

Vendor Graphics Board Memory Driver Version Tested On Tested Color Depth,
Resolution, Refresh Rate
Specific Settings Documented Issues
3Dlabs Oxygen VX1 32MB 2.16.597.0 NEC Express5800, Windows 2000 True Color, 1280x1024, 85Hz Default OpenGL None.
3Dlabs Oxygen GVX1 32 MB 2.16.676.0 HP Kayak XU, Windows 2000 True Color, 1600x1200, 75Hz Default OpenGL None.
ATI Technologies Inc Fire GL1 32 MB 5.12.2195.1118 Dell 610, Windows 2000 True Color, 1280x1024 , 75Hz 4 bit double buffered With earlier drivers on Windows2000, black patches sometimes appear when scrolling.
ATI Technologies Inc Fire GL2 32 MB 5.12.2195.2082 Dell Precision Workstation 620MT, Windows 2000 True Color, 1280x1024, 85Hz 8 bit double buffered With earlier drivers, selection of some sketch constraints caused ProD to crash.
ELSA GmbH ELSA Gloria-II (Quadro chipset) 64 MB HP kayak XU800, Windows 2000 32bits,1280x1024 Application = Pro/E None.
ELSA GmbH ELSA_Gloria-XL 16 MB Dell 400, Windows NT 4.0 SP4 True Color, 1024x768, 70Hz Application = Pro/E 20 (overlay planes enabled) None.
HP HP Visualize Fx4 18 MB FX 00.00.26 HP Kayak XW, NT4.0 True Color, 1280x1024, 75Hz Application Tuning = "PTC ProE"  Repaint problems when you drag windows.
NVIDIA Quadro2 Pro 64MB HP Visualize P-Class, Windows 2000 True Color, 1600x1200, 85Hz Overlays disabled None.
Silicon Graphics, Inc. Cobalt Graphics 48MB V0.5, 4.0.0 SGI Visual Workstation 320, 256MB RAM True Color,
1280x1024, 60Hz
1600x1200, 60Hz(w/ Flat Panel Monitor)
16 bit depth buffer.
Enable overlay planes.
Use back buffer.
Allocate additional memory (MB) 8
Trident Cyberblade-XP 16 MB v5.0.295.89 Toshiba Tecra 8200 laptop,Windows 2000 32bits,1400x1050   None.