Hardware Notes - J-Link

The following tables list the platform Java compiler and runtime requirements for J-Link. J-Link is available on the standard Pro/ENGINEER CD and is installed automatically with Pro/ENGINEER. J-Link is supported on certain minimum versions of Java 1.1 for each platform, plus Java 1.2.

Using Java 1.2 with synchronous J-Link:

The default Pro/ENGINEER configuration attempts to use the Java Runtime Enviroment command "jre" to run J-Link applications. This command is not included in Java 1.2 installations. Users should set the system environment variable PRO_JAVA_COMMAND to use the "java" command, plus the J-Link starter class, instead. For example:

setenv PRO_JAVA_COMMAND "java com.ptc.pfc.Implementation.Starter"

on UNIX systems, or

set PRO_JAVA_COMMAND=java com.ptc.pfc.Implementation.Starter

on Windows systems (this variable can also be set through the Settings dialog on the Windows Control Panel).

Optionally, the environment variable setting may include the full path to the java executable.

J-Link Release 2001
Platform Java Virtual Machine(s) Supported Asynchronous J-Link command line flags
Windows XP The versions of Java currently certified by Sun for Windows XP are J2SE v 1.3.1_04 and later. However, these versions of Java have not been certified by PTC for use with J-Link. PTC has tested J-Link on Windows XP with Java 1.2 and it has passed all tests, but developers should realize that Java problems unrelated to J-Link may be encountered and will not be supported by PTC. None
Windows:98, 2000, NT 1.1.6 (JDK1.1.6N) [Sun JDK]


Microsoft J++ and derivatives are not supported.

Windows NT (64-bit) J-Link is not supported on this platform. N/A
IBM AIX 1.1.4 (JDK1.1.4 IBM build a114-19980319)


SGI IRIX 3.1 (Sun JDK 1.1.5K)


-native -nojit
HP HPUX 10.20
1.1.7 (HP-UX Java B.01.13.04) Asynchronous J-Link is not supported on this platform.
HPUX 11.0 (32-bit)
1.2 -native -DcipCipjavaLib=jnicipjavamtz

Library path (SHLIB_PATH) should include:
<Pro/ENGINEER loadpoint>/jlink/hpux11_pa32/lib directory.

Library path (SHLIB_PATH) should not include directories under:
<Pro/ENGINEER loadpoint>/hp8k

Applications starting Pro/ENGINEER must use the Pro/ENGINEER command from <Pro/ENGINEER loadpoint>/bin.

HPUX 11.0 (64-bit)
J-Link is not supported on this platform. N/A
Sun Sun Solaris (32-bit)
1.1.5 (JDK1.1.5K)


Sun Solaris (64-bit)
J-Link is not supported on this platform. N/A
Compaq Tru64
1.1.5 (digital:01/07/1998-19:33)


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