Order and License Management

Once you receive your Shipment Confirmation Letter, you can choose to configure your licenses and obtain license codes.
PTC License Management is dedicated to providing quality customer service in a timely manner. The purpose of License Management is to deliver license codes using the most efficient vehicles, provide a single point of contact for installation related issues, and to maintain the integrity of customer information.

PTC License Management Services
PTC License Management is dedicated to providing the following services:

License Codes for New Orders
The procedure for processing new software orders and obtaining license codes has been improved. Since PTC is not collecting software and hardware configuration information with the order, License Packs will not be included with shipment. PTC License Management is now the source for installation base management and code delivery.
This new process allows you to obtain your codes before your shipment arrives if you are prepared to provide PTC with the necessary configuration information when you receive your shipment confirmation letter. The process also enables you to provide configuration information when you are ready to install the software rather than speculating at the time of purchase.

Hardware Tracking
PTC now has the ability to track networked machines running PTC software other than the license server (required for floating products) and the independent workstation (required for locked licenses). Client and file server platform information can be provided in order to ensure that the appropriate media is shipped with your maintenance release. This should reduce the need for you to request additional software CDs for additional platforms.
Of course, providing client and file server information is optional; however, PTC believes that by providing this information we will be able to better server your needs. If you are interested in having PTC track this information, contact License Management. It is your responsibility to notify PTC of any changes relative to this information.

Address Information
PTC's new Business Administration System provides enhanced capabilities for managing your contact and shipping information. PTC License Management will now administer this function. The new system allows you to provide multiple addresses for various purposes for a single company.
You can specify different addresses for the following functions:

Contact Information
PTC License Management will now be managing your company's contact information and is committed to delivering license codes to you in the most efficient manner possible. It is important to provide PTC with your most current contact names, email addresses, telephone and fax numbers. This will help ensure accurate and timely deliveries. Use PTC's Address Change Form to facilitate changes efficiently.

Email Address Information
With PTC's integration of FLEXlm, email will continue to be the preferred method of code delivery. By obtaining codes via email, your installation process will be smoother since the license code file can be imported into the installation utility. This will save you from entering codes manually into the installation tool.

Language Requests
In order to fulfill your maintenance release shipments you will need to inform and License Management which languages you require. The worksheet on your Shipment Confirmation Letter requests you to specify the language(s) needed.

Software and Hardware Reconfigurations
Any change to a currently installed software product is considered a reconfiguration. For example, you may choose to move a module from one license to another. This is a software reconfiguration. You may choose to swap out one license server for another. This is a hardware reconfiguration. In almost all cases, a reconfiguration must result in the regeneration of codes for ALL affected software products. License Management will assist you with all reconfigurations.

License Packs

Because PTC is not configuring software at the time of order entry, License Packs will not be included in your software shipment. Instead, PTC License Management will deliver your License Pack to you (by email or fax) after you have provided the configuration information. Refer to License Codes for New Orders.
Please note that install numbers will no longer appear on License Packs. Instead, you will find a Configuration ID listed on your license pack along with your serial number that will now be used to identify and track your software. Refer to the Configuration ID section.

When should you call PTC License Management?

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