Electrical Engineering Calculations

Mathcad is the Industry Standard Software for Solving and Sharing Electrical Engineering Calculations

For electrical engineers, calculations are at the heart of every design, which must be flawless, innovative, and superior to the competition. Mathcad is a leading electrical engineering calculations software that combines electrical engineering equations, text, and graphics in a presentable format. So electrical engineers can very easily - solve, document, share and reuse their electrical engineering calculations.

Here's what industry users are saying about Mathcad:

  • “Design cycle time can be greatly reduced”
  • “We are able to compete against other rivals in cost, performance, and lead time to win the purchase order from our clients”
  • “We can reuse the existing calculation process in every new design… Mathcad can solve the calculation in a second… we don’t need to rework again and again”
  • “We… significantly improved our productivity”

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Combine equations, graphs, images and text in one document

Direct Manipulation of 3D Plots

Use Natural Math Notation

Integrate Spreadsheets

Are you still using spreadsheets, calculators and other tools to solve and manage your electrical engineering calculations?

Mathcad has a document centric environment that electrical engineers use to solve electrical engineering math problems in natural math using electrical units of measure, plot 2D & 3D graphs and document their electrical engineering calculations with ease and precision.

Download the Mathcad Prime 2.0 Free Trial today and see why so many engineers are choosing Mathcad as their Electrical Engineering Solution.