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Vuforia View and Enterprise Mobility Management
There are a number of Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) offerings for Android that allow control over mobile devices, including white-listing of apps, pushing install/update of apps, and much more.
The offerings are built on top of underlying EMM support provided in Android by Google. Google provides EMM test harnesses, which application developers can use to verify that their apps interact properly with the EMM support.
Vuforia View has been tested against the Google test harness for compatibility with EMMs, and PTC has verified that Vuforia View for Android does in fact behave properly in this regard. For more information, see
Vuforia View APK Download
Use the following steps to obtain the latest APK for Vuforia View for Android.
1. Navigate to the PTC Software Downloads site.
2. Click Order or Download Software Updates.
3. Enter your Customer Name and Customer Number, click Next >.
4. Under Step 1: Select the Product Family, click Vuforia Studio.
5. Under Step 2: Choose Release & Download, select Release 8.2 > Vuforia View for Android > Most Recent Version.
6. Click HTTPS next to Vuforia-View-x-x-x.
7. The file is downloaded to your system.
Once you’ve downloaded the APK, you can directly install or side-load the application onto an Android device that is offline.